Ever wonder what serial killers do on vacation?

Yeah — me, too.

So today, with the help of the folks at my publisher, I dropped a new I Hunt Killers prequel, just like that time Beyonce dropped an album without telling anyone ahead of time.

(Exactly like Beyonce. We’re practically indistinguishable.)

Beyonce and Barry

Separated at birth?

The story is titled Down Time and it’s available right now. As in “Why are you still reading this post — go buy it!”

But wait! Actually, before you scurry off to your favorite e-tailer, let’s chat for a sec…

In the years since the series ended, I’ve gotten a lot (a lot!) of requests to continue the story of Jazz and his friends. The prequels have not diminished these cries — if anything, they’ve amplified them. Readers like seeing how we got to the trilogy, but they really want to know what happens next.

And believe me — I want to tell them. I want to tell those stories.

I’ve been planning for a little while now to put together a new series — The Jasper Dent Mysteries. It would pick up years after the end of the original trilogy and you’d get to see what everyone is up to. All your old favorites are there, along with some new faces.

The problem, though, is this: It’s been awhile since the last book came out. Five years is a long time in publishing. Publishers don’t think there’s a demand for more I Hunt Killers. Crucially, they also don’t think my readers want to read about a slightly older Jazz and company.

If you want more Jazz, more Connie, more Howie and the rest, we have to prove them wrong.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity to do just that, right now.

If you want more Killers, you have to buy Down Time. It’s only $1.99.

Here’s a little something to sweeten the deal: If you use the form at the bottom of the page to send me your proof of purchase (please blur out your identifying info, such as name, credit card, etc.), I will send you (drum roll, please!) the first chapter of THE BRIDEKILLER, the first book in what I hope will be a series of new Jasper Dent tales. (The chapter will be sent out as a PDF!)

So: Buy Down Time. Send me a pic. And get a brand-new bit of Jazz in your life.

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Questions? Yeah, I anticipated that. Here are some answers:

But I don’t like ebooks. I want a print book.

I’m sorry. This is an ebook. If you want to see more print books, you need to buy the ebook. It is literally the only possible way to convince publishers to make more print books for you. 

I’ll just wait for print.

If you wait, there will be no print.

I don’t have a Kindle or a Nook or any sort of e-reader.

Yes, you do. Whatever you’re reading this web page on is an e-reader. Kindle, Nook, iBooks, Kobo… These people ALL give away absolutely free software that you can use on your computer, phone, or tablet to buy and read DOWN TIME. All you pay is the $1.99 for the ebook itself. See? Easy!

What’s Down Time about?

When the world’s most notorious serial killer goes on vacation, you’d expect murder to follow, right? And, yeah, it does. No shocker, there. But what will surprise you is who dies…and how…and why. And for the first time in his life, it’s possible Billy isn’t the hunter, but rather the prey!

I’m psyched about this! What can I do other than buy Down Time?

Thanks for asking! I hate to ask for favors beyond buying the book, but…

Tell your friends! Tell your enemies! Basically, tell everyone you know to spend a mere $1.99 for a fun, crazy, incredibly disturbing story so that someday everyone can enjoy even more, even longer fun, crazy, incredibly disturbing stories!

Put the word out on social media. Talk up the book online, including a link either to this page or to the page where you bought the book.

Last but not least: Review it! While I would never presume to tell you how many stars to give, I’ll just say that if you really, really like the book, a slew of early five-star reviews would be hugely important and much appreciated!

Anything else?

Nope! Enjoy!

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