"This novel proves that there are still fresh ideas and new, interesting story lines to be explored in young adult literature….This book will keep readers engaged, but it will also make them think about issues big and small." — VOYA

What Makes a Hero?

Maybe it’s courage, the kind Kevin Ross (Kross to his friends) showed when he saved Leah Muldoon’s life.

Maybe it’s living with your own guilt so someone else doesn’t have to…

Maybe it’s the way Kross was in the right place at the right time…

Or the way he wouldn’t back down when everything that mattered  to him was called into question.

Maybe it’s keeping your friends close–like the Council of Fools, a motley collection of goofballs and whacked-out teenage jesters–even when they don’t really understand you.

Or maybe it’s striving to do the right thing…

Or figure out what the right thing is in the first place.

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