Her Decade

It’s no secret that many of my books have been in set the same town and even in the same high school — Brookdale, Maryland, a fictitious town in the fictitious Lowe County — with some recurring background characters and bits of “business” shared between them.

But there’s more to Brookdale than just the novels. I originally invented Brookdale for a series of short stories I was writing. These were not YA stories per se, though they all involved — to some degree — something that happened to the protagonists as teens or children. Since I had already been thinking about Brookdale, it made sense to use that setting for my first book…and then I just kept using it!

In Boy Toy, we got to see a little more of Brookdale than we did in the first book, including SAMMPark, a municipal park named for Susan Ann Marchetti. This park also plays a role in Hero-Type.

Thing is, I knew why SAMMPark even existed at all. It had its roots in a story I had written a few years before my first novel was ever written, much less published. I thought that readers might be interested in seeing that original story and learning how a young woman named Susan Ann Marchetti ended up becoming the “patron saint” of Brookdale.

If you’ve read Boy Toy and Hero-Type, this story may give you a little more insight into things going on in the background of both stories. In any event, I hope you enjoy it!

(Oh, and BTW — if you’ve read The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl, you may already know the last name “Marchetti.” And a character from that book has a small appearance in “Her Decade” — see if you can spot him.)

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