Geek Girls, Misogyny, Sins of/from Childhood

Someday — maybe, perhaps, but probably not — I will write here about my own experiences growing up as a bullied geek and the ramifications that had on my life.

But right now, I just want to point you all to this most excellent episode of John Siracusa’s Hypercritical podcast, in which he and his co-host Dan Benjamin contribute to the ongoing discussion of misogyny in the geek culture, with some wonderfully insightful, nuanced, and empathetic comments on the topic. If you’re interested in the slightest, I urge you to listen. Yes, it’s long. But it’s worth it.

The beginning of the show is more in Siracusa’s métier of hard tech, so jump ahead to 56:10.1 The relevant portion runs from there through the end of the podcast (about 48 minutes — yeah, like I said: long, but worth it).

Here’s the link: 5by5 | Hypercritical #96: Blue Peter. You can play it in the page or download it to the gadget of your choice.

  1. Unless, of course, you really are deeply interested in Intel’s x86 processor architecture and its possible ramifications for future Apple fabbing. In which case, go ahead and listen to the whole thing.

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