Be a Superhero Contest Winners!

I had an absolutely ridiculous amount of fun reading y’all’s entries for the Archvillain “Be a Superhero” contest. They ranged from heartwarming to hilarious to absurd to outright bizarre, and I loved every last one of them. It was extremely difficult winnowing down the field to only twenty.

But winnow I have! And now you can check out the winners, listed below. Just go to and scroll to the number listed if you want to read each entrant’s terrific super-submission.

Thanks to everyone who entered! The winners will receive a signed paperback edition of Archvillain, and are also entered into a drawing to receive one of five advance copies of Archvillain Book 2: The Mad Mask when it becomes available later this fall!

Here are your winners:

  • #3: Archduke Admiral Maximus Leftsock
  • #7: The Hodgenator
  • #8: Vice-Grip
  • #12: Mammalove
  • #13: CyberSane
  • #16: Hope
  • #19: Chiyo-chan (the last line is genius)
  • #22: Bastet
  • #23: Dark Lady
  • #26: The Punster
  • #28: Dorkboy
  • #29: Jed-iPad Master (hilarious)
  • #33: SuperFairyGodmotherLibrarian
  • #34: Tenacious Teacher
  • #35: Teacher
  • #36: Captain AntiBooks
  • #37: Stephanie Schock & Action Jaxon
  • #39: Knowitall
  • #42: Joyce
  • #44: Nerverd McBird

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