Goth Girl Rising Winner #4

Continuing on with the winners of the contest for a signed copy of Goth Girl Rising and — of course — a Kyra minimate. The rules were simple: Tell Kyra something and ask her a question.

Kyra contemplates your requests with near-monkish calm and consideration in bold. (Yeah, right.)

Today’s winner is Vincent, who begins with the comment:

People seem to be at best a very mixed blessing. You completely despise them. You wish they would simply burn forever. And yet you need them, or at least some of them, and if you’re ever truly alone you feel lost, worthless, and completely hurt.

Yet so many are nothing more than sheep – given, at least on occasion, quite nice sheep – but they are still sheep. You are one of the few that is not afraid to be different. To be who you want to be, not what the shepherd says you should be. I salute you.

But remember, we all need someone who actually understands. And if you find them, don’t ever let go. Without those we call friends we are nothing.

Yawn… Huh? What? Are you done?

Dude, you talk a lot.

Whatever. I like the part where you say you salute me. That sounds cool. But don’t think that’ll get you anywhere. I’m a one-man woman, and even if I didn’t have a boyf– Well, a GUY, I still wouldn’t hook up with some random dude from the Internet.

Aren’t you going to respond to what he said in his–

Don’t push me, Lyga.

Right. Let’s move on to Vincent’s question…

On another note, have you given any thought to what you will do in another two years, when you are no longer bound to the will if your father? When you are free of that hell that is high school?

Oh, man. Honestly, I’m just starting to think about that now. I gotta tell you — I never really thought I’d live that long. Either that, or I figured Roger would have me locked up in the loony bin until menopause, you know? I don’t know. My b… My… Anyway, this GUY I… This guy I hang out with thinks I should go to college and be, like, a lawyer because “you argue like nobody’s business, Kyra,” but I don’t know how I feel. Maybe I’ll just bum around the country and write more poetry. But you know, for the first time in my life, I’m actually THINKING about that part of my life. So I guess that’s something.

Oh. That wasn’t so bad. Tomorrow: The final winner!

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