Get a Signed Goth Girl Rising

It’s time to get Goth!

Goth Girl, that is. 🙂

Would you like a signed copy of Goth Girl Rising? It’s pretty easy to make it happen. In fact, it’s as easy as posting a comment below!

Here’s the scoop: Pretend that you have a chance to talk to Kyra. Then post a comment where you state:

  • One thing you would tell Kyra, AND
  • One question you would ask Kyra.

That’s it! Simple! Once there are thirty entries, five winners will get signed copies of Goth Girl Rising. You will also get a Goth Girl Minimate!

 Remember: You have to post ONE comment with TWO elements — something you would tell and something you would ask. The books will only be given away once we reach thirty or more comments, so tell your friends!

(The contest is over. To see the comment thread from the old, click here. If you want to add to the conversation, use the comment form below.)


  1. jemilat says:

    i love this book but i think the ending was not my favorite part of the book , in other words i was not a fan of the ending but i love this book

  2. I love your books.I’d read them all the time , so now I write books and poems myself. :)I’m still high school but my favorite book you wrote was the gothic girl rising and thats because I can relate to that book.

  3. There are wayyy too many things I would say to Kara which is that cancer effing sucks, or bald in winter is like hell on fire. I would ask soooo any things like which sandman comic is the best or how much would she like to hurt roger. I wish she was real!!!!! Btw I read all goth girl and fanboy books and boy toy and hero type, awesome! Best books ever.

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