My Absolute Favorite Reaction to Blood of My Blood So Far

If you’ve never seen Patton, here’s your reference:

Interview: Interviewing Authors

Tim Knox of Interviewing Authors spent close to an hour on the phone with me and the result is an interview that sprawls pretty much over my entire career. You can either read the transcript or listen to the podcast. (I would say listen because you get all of the inflections and nuances that way. But to each his or her own.)

See/hear me say stuff like:

“In young adult, I don’t think anything’s off limits. “

“I think there must be some point in time… I don’t know when it happens, maybe around 30, where they slip some sort of pill into the adult’s breakfast and we all forget how smart we were as kids.”

“Obviously I’ve never been a 16 year old girl”

Enjoy, y’all!

“Blood Boy” Now on iBooks!

Blood Boy cover smallJust like the headline says: “Blood Boy” is now available for purchase from iBooks. Make with the clicking, people!

As I mentioned when I announced “Blood Boy,” this story supports the Adam Lynch Award and the Hemophilia Association of New York. Please read the information at the link and consider buying the story to help this very worthy cause.

Interview: The Big Thrill (Guest Post)

The International Thriller Writers have a monthly publication called The Big Thrill, and for the September issue, I’ve written a little piece about my initial fears and concerns writing Blood of My Blood.

My editor was leery of Game’s cliffhangers. She was worried readers would be upset and, sure enough, when the book hit, my email inbox and Twitter timeline clogged with readers ranting, imploring, and wheedling. It was just the passionate reaction I was looking for: If readers don’t feel invested in your characters and in your story, all the cliffhangers in the world won’t get a reaction out of them.

How could you do this to me?” they screamed at me.

And stuff like that. Go read it.

Buy “Blood Boy” and Help HANY

Blood Boy cover smallAs newsletter subscribers and my followers on Twitter know, I’ve been working on a Howie prequel story to go along with the Jazz and Connie stories. It’s finished and it’s ready for you. And this time, I’m trying something a little different.

When I first created Howie, I didn’t know much about hemophilia. In the five years I’ve been writing him, I’ve been fortunate enough to hear from people in the hemophilia community, who tell me how much Howie means to them.

And, of course, people in the broader readership seem to love him, too! Which is great.

For Howie’s prequel — “Blood Boy” — I wanted to give something back to the community that inspired him.

So, here’s the deal with the story: The story is available for sale in all the usual e-places, and I’m hoping maybe you’ll consider buying a copy. I’m charging more than I do for the other stories, but that’s because I’m donating every last penny I make on the story this year to charity.

When you buy “Blood Boy,” you’ll get a funny, touching Howie story, yes. But you’ll also be helping me to help the Hemophilia Association of New York (HANY) and the Adam Lynch Award.

HANY has been around since 1952 and provides information, education, advocacy, and direct assistance to persons with hemophilia and related congenital blood clotting disorders. The organization encourages and supports scientific research to improve medical treatments and to seek cures. It serves all five boroughs in New York City, as well as surrounding counties.

The Adam Lynch Award is a new initiative from HANY, in honor of Adam Lynch, a young man with a bleeding disorder who succumbed to a traumatic bleed while attending college. The Fund will provide scholarships for college-bound students with hemophilia interested in pursuing secondary studies in the Arts and/or Media.

How perfect is that? What an excellent match!

“The Hemophilia Association of New York is so excited to be part of Barry’s project,” says executive director Linda Mugford. “This year it is so apropos because we are looking into ways to connect with adolescents with bleeding disorders.”

“People with hemophilia must be creative in how they navigate their pursuit of a fulfilling and sustainable career path,” says Patrick James Lynch, Adam’s brother (and a hemophiliac). “Adam knew this, I know this, and HANY knows this. I’m thrilled that his name is attached to a scholarship program specifically for community members who want to make utilizing their creativity a prominent part of their future.”

So, please buy “Blood Boy” and spread the word. I won’t make a dime off of it, you’ll get a fun glimpse into Howie’s life pre-I Hunt Killers, and the Adam Lynch Award will help some folks like Howie get a little closer to their dreams.

Here’s where you can buy “Blood Boy,” if you’d like to help:

(iBooks, as per usual, will come later.)