Unsoul’d: a dirty little fable


“Like Nick Hornby writing an episode of Californication!” — Sarah Maclean, New York Times bestselling author


“Lyga’s take on the devil is as clever, and unique, as Twain’s or Lewis’s.” — David Lubar, author of Extremities


“Funny…interesting and complex… honest and doesn’t shy away from the raw/uncomfortable truth…” — Maria V. Snyder, author of Poison Study


If you love Entourage, Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow, Kevin Smith, or stories that are so wrong they’re right (but not really), then you’ve got to read Unsoul’d!

“That day, I had a bagel for breakfast and sold my soul to the devil. In retrospect, the bagel was probably a mistake.”

Randall Banner is thirty-five years old, a middling mid-list author who yearns for more of everything: More attention. More fame. More money. More fans.

Then, one quiet morning, he meets the devil while pounding away at his laptop at his usual coffee shop. Soon, a deal is made, a contract is signed, and Randall is on his way to fame and fortune unlike any he ever imagined.

What follows is a bawdy, hilarious, yet harrowing tale of one man, one devil, and a deal that could change the world.

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