For the Tech of It: Hardware (Mobile)

So we have discussed the desktop side of writing tech, both hard and soft, with a brief detour into backing up. Now, we turn to mobile.

Let’s face it — when most people think of authors these days, they think of laptops. And probably coffee shops.

I’m no stranger to the coffee shop grind1, but I haven’t used a laptop since 2010, when Sir Steven of Jobs bequeathed unto us the iPad.

As I watched the unveiling of the iPad (on a pirate video stream, natch), I was waiting for two bits of information. The first one came relatively quickly, when Jobs revealed that the iPad would run a version of Apple’s iWork suite, including the Pages word processor.

Okay, so that was one down — I would be able to compose on the iPad.

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  1. I’ll be here all week, folks! Don’t forget to tip your waitress!