Memory Monday: Men

At first glance, you might think this panel was the beginning of an eighties-era anti-sexism dialogue. But she’s actually talking about the Holocaust.

supergirl_holocaust(From Supergirl #15, January 1984. Written by Paul Kupperberg, art by Carmine Infantino and Bob Oksner.)

Memory Monday: Supergirl Grows Up?

Hmm, now let’s see here… According to this helpful graphic on the back of an old DC Digest…

When Superboy grows up, he becomes Superman. Sure, sure, that makes sense.

When Lex Luthor grows up, he, well, sure — he’s still Lex Luthor.

And when Supergirl grows up…

Past, future, still a girl.She trades her skirt for hot pants. Got it.

(From Best of DC Blue Ribbon Digest #7, October 1980.)

Memory Monday: “Strange Feeling”

Kryptonite Man

Well, Kryptonite Man, I’m gonna say that “strange feeling” might just be the Man of Steel kicking you in the nads at close to light speed. But what do I know?

(From Supergirl #21, July 1984. Written by Paul Kupperberg. Art by Eduardo Barreto.)

Memory Monday: Supergirl’s Last Stand

Don’t let the title fool you — Supergirl’s last stand isn’t something as quotidian as a car crashing into her. Oh, no. The Maid of Might can’t be stopped by something so mundane as steel and horsepower.

The last stand, really, is right at the top of the cover: [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Supergirl vs. The Moral Majority?

Despite its somewhat unsavory reputation, the comic book industry has actually historically been staffed by fairly liberal and progressive types. Which is why I am not surprised by the sentiment of the following splash panel from 1982, but rather by its very existence. I’ll explain after you’ve clicked on it and read the thing in its entirety… [Read more…]