Memory Monday: Tell, Don’t Show

I saw this in a comic book store over Christmas weekend and I just had to buy it…


(From Superboy #108, October 1963. Art by Curt Swan.)

Geek Bliss at Baltimore Comic-Con

Usually, I try not to geek out too much here on the BLog. After all, I have a reputation to uphold, seeing as how you all look up to me as the Ultimate Arbiter of Cool, and I wouldn’t want to devolve into a giggling puddle of sheer geekitude right here on the internets. But sometimes, it just can’t be helped. [Read more…]

Memory Monday: The Solution to Every Superhero Problem

If only all of life’s problems could be solved as simply as punching one’s enemies into the nearest star…

(From Superboy #227, May 1977. Story by Gerry Conway. Art by Joe Staton and Jack Abel.)

Memory Monday: A Billion Dollars!

Superboy decides to do a good deed, a thousand years in the future…

Click to enlarge.

Really? A whole billion dollars in space jewels? Wow.

Tim Cook, Bill Gates, and Warren Buffett yawn in your general direction, Boy of Steel.

(From Adventure Comics #378. Written by Jim Shooter. Art by Jim Shooter, Win Mortimer, and Jack Abel.)

Memory Monday – Comic Books are Like YA

Every Monday — whether you need it or not — I post cool, absurd, and/or awesome panels from comic books I read as a kid. This is Memory Monday.

If this weren’t from an old Superboy comic, you’d almost think it’s a contemporary YA novel, wouldn’t you?

(From The New Adventures of Superboy #3, March 1980. Written by Cary Bates. Art by Kurt Schaffenberger and David Hunt.)