Blood of My Blood: A Plea

We’re pretty close to the release date for Blood of My Blood now, and it appears that some early reviewers have gotten their hands on copies. Good for you! I hope you enjoy it.


Look, the whole book is basically a spoiler from page one on. So I’m begging you, down on my knees and everything, please, please don’t talk about specifics until September 9 or thereabouts. Some people have waited a really long time for this book, and I’d hate to have anything ruined for them by an errant glimpse of something online.

Even something innocuous like “I love so-and-so’s hilarious comment halfway through” would reveal that so-and-so survived the events of the end of the second book. So, y’know…

Of course, feel free to share your opinion. If you like it, tell people. If you don’t, tell them that, too. (Just don’t @ mention me on Twitter when you do it. What’s that all about???)

Just be…circumspect. I’m not demanding or commanding or ordering. I’m asking. As a favor to me. Please.