BANG: Get It Signed on Pub Day!

Bang coverIf you’re going to be in the area of one of my tour stops for Bang, then I’ll be happy to sign your book for you. Sadly, though, I can’t be everywhere, which means I can’t sign every book.

However, some very cool folks at some great indie bookstores around the country are making it possible for you to get a signed copy of Bang on publication day!

It’s simple: All you do is go to the store (or go to their online store) and preorder a copy of Bang from them. When you get your copy on April 18, it will be signed by yours truly! Easy, right?

One caveat: You must place your preorder by Friday, April 14!

Here are the stores currently offering signed books to preorder customers:

(You can read an excerpt of Bang on!)

It’s My Birthday; You Get a Present

Update: The contest is over! Thanks for entering, everyone!


So, yes, it’s my birthday. And I’ve decided to give you a present.

It’s simple: I want to give away some signed copies of I Hunt Killers, Boy Toy, and Hero-Type.

KILLERS_final_front Boy Toy Hero-Type
All you have to do is this: In the comments below, tell me what birthday gift you think Billy Dent might get for his son, Jazz.

Easy, right?
Post your answer. Contest runs only today — get your answer in before midnight September 13!

Good luck!

(Oh, and don’t forget — you still have until the end of the day on September 12 to enter the “Sell Your Soul” Contest for a copy of Unsoul’d!)

Have some Archvillain in Your Future!

With the publication of the third (and final – *sob*) Archvillain book upon us, it is time once again to indulge in every author’s favorite pastime — giving away signed books! [Read more…]

Return of the Son of Barry’s Blogger Book Bonus: The Sequel!!!

Several times over the past few years, I have indulged in a little something I call “Barry’s Blogger Book Bonus.” Or BBBB, for unpronounceable1 short.

It’s easy: You fill out the contact form. (That’s a link to the form right there. Easy, right?) I send you — absolutely free — a signed book that you then offer to your blog readers as a reward, prize, giveaway, whatever.

Additionally, I will randomly select a few of you who will get two signed books — one for your readers and one for you!

The rules are pretty simple: [Read more…]

  1. Well, except to those of you reading this from Zrfff.

Giving Away the Complete ARCHVILLAIN!

UPDATE: The contest is over and the winners have been randomly selected and contacted! Thanks for the terrific answers, folks!

Just like it says in the headline: Now that the series has ended, I am giving five lucky readers each a complete set of the trilogy, signed, in hardcover. [Read more…]