July ACLU Fundraiser: “The Life Cycle of Stars (Ignition)”

Weird, long title, eh? Read the story — it’ll make sense. I promise.

Life Cycle of Stars cover


With her son now in school, bored stay-at-home mom Heather no longer needs to stay at home. At the local university, she starts auditing classes, looking for something to do as her husband desperately tries to turn his garage band into something more. She studies cinema and literature and then astronomy.

Where she meets Jamie.

In the life cycle of stars, ignition is dangerous, powerful, and necessary. In the life cycle of Heather, it can be all of these, and more.

As with all of the fundraisers, this story is only available for one month and costs $1.99. Please buy the story and spread the word!

I Hunt Killers Prequels Now Available!

If you’ve read the I Hunt Killers novels, you only have part of the story!

As some of you know, I’ve written prequel short stories for I Hunt Killers. These were typically available in places like Facebook, but as time has gone on, some folks have complained that the prequels are tough to find, that they don’t like Facebook, that they want to be able to read them on their ereader, not in a browser, etc.

So…problem solved! Now, as with the prequel novella Lucky Day, you can get “Career Day” and “Neutral Mask” for your ereader!1

Career Day cover

Set one year before I Hunt Killers

Jasper has a problem, and everyone knows it: His father is Billy Dent, world-famous serial killer. Even though Dear Old Dad is in jail, Jasper still feels like everyone is watching him, like everyone thinks he’s dangerous.

Even he thinks he’s dangerous. Sometimes.

His best — and only — friend Howie is always ready with a joke or a goofy nickname, but Jasper needs more. Maybe that new girl in town, Connie, is what he’s been looking for…


Neutral_Mask-coverSet one year before I Hunt Killers, shortly after “Career Day”…

Connie is the new girl in town, but she already has friends…and maybe even a boyfriend. Her father isn’t happy that Connie is dating a white boy like Jasper Dent, and things get even worse when she realizes that Jasper is the son of Billy Dent, one of the world’s most notorious serial killers! This is the story of how Connie and Jazz overcame their early troubles and fell in love.

And…there will be a third prequel short story coming soon. Prepare yourself for…”Blood Boy.”

  1. iBooks is coming soon for both! For some reason, iBooks takes a long time!

Information Wants to Be Free…

This story was written a long, long time ago. Yes, there was an Internet (as you can see in the story itself), but it wasn’t quite as ubiquitous as it is today. Very, very few people were reading e-books yet (if any), and there were no legal music download services, so most non-pirates were still buying CDs.

Anyway, I dug this up today and thought y’all might enjoy a weird, quirky bit of storytellin’ for the holidays. Enjoy! [Read more…]