Get a Sneak Peek at The Secret Sea

The Secret Sea cover

Want to get a sneak peek of The Secret Sea before its August 23 publication? Well, satisfaction is only a click away!

My publisher has put together a sampler of four new titles, including The Secret Sea. It’s absolutely free (of course!) and you can get it by clicking on this link right here.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to preorder at Amazon or!

Read Half of Unsoul’d Now!

It’s a time-honored tradition to let people read a little bit of the beginning of your book before they decide to buy it. Usually this means a few chapters.

Well, for Unsoul’d, I’m going all-out. I’m letting you guys read almost half the book. For free.

Check it out below. Enjoy! (Click on the fullscreen icon on the lower right corner if the document is too small!)

Get the First Third of I HUNT KILLERS…Plus More!

Yeah, when most publishers give you a little taste of a book, they let you download a chapter or two.

That’s not how we’re rolling with I Hunt Killers.

Head over to and you can get the first ten chapters of the book. That’s a full third of the entire novel.

Not enough for you? Well, fine, then, Mr./Ms. Dissatisfied. In that case, the sampler also includes an exclusive prequel short story (set about a year before the novel) titled “Career Day.”

Hie thee to! Get there quickly before they run out!1

  1. Note: They’re digital files. They’re not gonna run out. But go anyway.