Bang in the New York Times!

Bang coverThe New York Times Book Review has posted its review of Bang. Needless to say, I’m stoked:

Lyga captures the heartbreak of Sebastian’s situation with sensitivity and compassion, exploring how a life can be unfairly defined by just one action, how it’s tragically easy to ignore humanity in favor of a headline, and just what communication, love and sharing the truth can do, especially when it comes to forgiving oneself.

You can read the complete review at the Times website.

Unsoul’d for Book Bloggers

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VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) has rolled the dice and published its review of Game.

Jazz Dent, son of the most famous serial killer alive, is back in the business of hunting down killers. This time he travels to New York City with a detective to help catch the Hat-Dog Killer. This killer is more gruesome and violent than the Impressionist, who Jazz helped catch earlier in the year. Each murder is a piece of the puzzle in the pursuit of the Hat-Dog Killer, and Jazz once again uses the thinking passed down from his dear old dad, who has escaped from prison and is closer than Jazz knows. [Read more…]

Horn Book Plays Game

The folks at Horn Book have dipped into Game and have this to say (spoilers for I Hunt Killers!):

In I Hunt Killers (rev. 5/12), Jasper Dent helped the police catch the Impressionist, a small-town copycat killer imitating the murders of notorious serial killer Billy Dent—Jazz’s “Dear Old Dad.” Now an NYPD homicide detective requests Jazz’s unique expertise for a new case. The Hat-Dog Killer’s MO is so bizarre that the detectives are struggling to piece together a profile, and the body count is already in double digits. Jazz travels to the big city to review the evidence; unbeknownst to him, girlfriend Connie follows—and soon the two are sucked into the Hat-Dog Killer’s “game.” Jazz suspects that newly on-the-lam Billy may be connected to the murders, but how? All the while, Jazz fights to unlearn the macabre life lessons imparted by his father. Plenty of gory suspense and plot twists will satisfy thriller fans, but, as before, Jazz’s determination to “be human” (aided by Connie and charmingly annoying sidekick Howie) is just as compelling as the murder mystery. With many secrets about the Dent family and Jazz’s own nature remaining to be revealed in the next book, readers won’t want to wait.

Thanks, Horn Book! on Game

The good folks over at have eyeballed Game, and here’s what they have to say…

Some readers will enjoy the novel for its CSI-like investigative twists and turns; others will enjoy continuing to try to understand Jazz’s wounded psyche. Both groups will respond positively to this second installment in Jazz’s story, which both deepens his character development and provides plenty of forensic fodder, while also offering surprising (and frankly, much-needed) doses of humor.

For more, go read the complete review!