Interview: Hats Off Corner

C. Lee McKenzie asked me some questions on her blog, ranging from writing-while-parenting to dealing with rejection. I said things like this:

Inspiration is a nice side effect, when it happens.

And more! Check it out.

This Week in Rejection!: Sarah Jane Freymann Agency

So, this was an agent rejection for the novel I wrote immediately before I wrote The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy & Goth Girl. I remember being broken-hearted about it at the time, mainly because I had met this agent in person at a conference and we’d really hit it off. So I had high hopes. But looking back on it, it’s a really great letter. Very encouraging.

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This Week in Rejection!: New American Library

Some rejection letters aren’t so much about the comedy or tragedy as they are about sheer practical advice. Today, we look at one such pre-Internet-era letter. And it’s excellent.


Truly, everything in that letter is everything you need to know, despite its lack of @ symbols, backslashes, and a .com handle. Just replace “reference book” with “web search” and you’re good to go.

This Week in Rejection!: DC Comics, ’80s Style!

My very first submission to DC Comics was way back in 1979 or 1980. I never received a formal rejection for that — perhaps DC didn’t take a story proposal written in #2 pencil on a sheet of torn-out spiral notebook paper seriously. Or maybe — just maybe — they’re still considering it.

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This Week in Rejection!: Absolute Magnitude

Here we have a first for This Week in Rejection! We’ve seen long, detailed rejection letters and we’ve seen short bits on scraps of paper. We’ve seen personalized notes and we’ve seen form letters. We’ve seen the word “Sorry” scrawled on a rejection slip.

But this is, I believe, the first-ever rejection sticker: [Read more…]