WiRL: Finally Finished

Writing in Real Life: This week, The One where Harry Potter & The X-Men are the SameYep, it’s that time of the week again! Time for a new episode of Writing in Real Life!

Dreams: when — or if — you should give up on them. The strange definition of “similar” in Hollywood and in publishing. The dream of publishing versus the reality. Is it weird to thank people for thinking your baby is adorable? Barry finally finishes writing a @&#%^$&* short story. Morgan sees the light at the end of the revision tunnel.


WiRL: Barry Hates Non-fiction

WiRL-iconAnother week, another episode of Writing in Real Life, the only podcast in the whole world (nay, the whole universe) starring my wife and me!

This week:

Vaccinate your kids. Thanks, grandmothers! Barry disses personal essays and remains a man of mystery. The submission process as quantum weirdness. What kind of writing class is the best for aspiring authors? Why Morgan married Barry. Plus: Morgan’s secret terror.

Learning to Sleep

© 2008 Christopher Meredith. Used under Creative Commons 4.0.

Given that I’m an idiot — and a self-absorbed one, at that — it probably comes as no surprise to you to learn that of the myriad things I did not know about babies until I became a father is this: Babies don’t know how to sleep.

More accurately, babies know how to sleep, but they don’t know when to do so or how to fall asleep. I was stunned to watch my daughter — clearly exhausted beyond belief — fight sleep with all her might,1 despite her very obvious, very desperate need for some shut-eye. Babies, I learned, have no clue how to fall asleep. It is the job of their parents to teach them.

Now, it is family lore that I — quite infamously — never slept as a baby. So at least Leia comes by her insomnia honestly. My father, to hear him tell it, did not sleep a wink during the last Nixon Administration, spending his late nights rocking me in a cradle, keeping himself awake by watching old reruns of Perry Mason.2

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  1. And she has a considerable amount of might.
  2. This was ancient times, people — no Netflix. No DVDs. Hell, no cable!