WiRL: “She was a sleepwalking baby”


Episode 57: The One with Morgan’s Apple Watch

Can walking make you a better writer? Thoreau and Rowling think so! Why is there so much contradictory advice for authors? Morgan feels stressed. Why Barry goes to the gym every day. The glory of a speaker in the shower. Plus: The secret to making your kids behave. (Seriously. No joke.)

WiRL: “We just lost the Christian audience”


Episode 55: The One with Too Much Data

Barry’s nightmare comes true, as the Netflix model approaches publishing. Morgan counsels calm, but c’mon — it’s Barry. An extended discussion of data in publishing, and we want YOUR opinions. Plus: Barry has an epiphany about revisions and reveals (again) what a horrible, egotistical monster he is.

WiRL: “Stop Feeding the Baby Purple Things”

Episode 55: The One where Morgan Dances

What, when, and how should you share about your kids on social media? Do they have a say in it? Are Barry and Morgan hypocrites for talking about Leia on the show? Being alone in the house when you have kids. Morgan reads the comments on an article.

WiRL: “From the Latin for ‘Cut it’”

Episode 54: The One where Leia Watches Law & Order

Prologues: Threat or menace? Morgan rolls her eyes…in a loving way. Barry says writers don’t cheat, and then admits he cheats. Being a good parent will kill you. Waiting for the perfect week that doesn’t exist. Dueling revision updates! Morgan disses Rockford.

WiRL: “I was going to say pathetic”

Episode 53: The One Five Years after They Met

Barry talks about how getting an editorial letter triggers pretty much every neurosis he’s got. (Morgan chortles.) Barry accidentally reveals the true extent of his ego. (Morgan chortles again.) Morgan talks scary movies. (Barry cowers.) Morgan reveals foreign parenting tips. (Barry freaks out.)