WiRL: “You’ve gotta keep up with the other kids”

Dad on computer while kid plays with iPad

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Episode 63: The One with Sensible Screentime

Morgan damns Barry with faint praise. Mornings! Showers! Is the “limit your kid’s screentime” notion an anti-feminist plot? Barry’s theory that multiple TVs lead to divorce. Plus, Morgan preps for her first writing conference…and makes a soul-searching confession.


So, over the weekend, I Hunt Killers landed on both the USAToday and New York Times Bestsellers Lists. This watershed (and really nice) moment in my life happened when I was sick as a dog, so while I — of course — BLogged and tweeted out the news, I haven’t had a chance to really absorb it until now.

I’m not sure why I’m BLogging about this, to be honest with you. It feels a little self-important to talk about it any further than saying that it happened. But people who visit the BLog often seem interested in the vagaries and behind-the-scenes junk that clutters the Writing Life, so here we go. I’ve decided to do this in a Q&A format…

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I Hunt Killers a New York Times and USAToday Bestseller!

I Hunt Killers has landed on the New York Times Bestseller list and on the USAToday Bestseller list!

(Yes, my mother is thrilled.)

That is all. 😉