WiRL: “As if life matters”

Episode 65: The One with Melissa

Special guest Melissa Walker (Unbreak My Heart, Let’s Pretend We Never Met) fills in for Morgan! We discuss different ways of getting published, writing with more than one kid, and how writing a book doesn’t prepare you for the next one. Plus: On spec vs. proposal, and the horror of ranking.

Interview: Melissa Walker’s “Cover Stories”

Ever wonder how a book cover is born? It doesn’t involve a Mommy Cover and a Daddy Cover, that’s for sure!

Melissa Walker interviewed me on her Cover Stories feature to talk about how I developed the cover to Unsoul’d. Here’s a bit:

I know just enough Photoshop to be dangerous, so I sort of put together a quick mock-up of what I wanted. And I hated it.

For more, check out the interview!