Stories I Never Told

Stories I Never Told: The Time I Read Mark Waid’s Mind

SPOILER ALERT for “The Return of Barry Allen”

Last time, I said that there were some startling coincidences related to some of the Stories I Never Told. I’ve decided to spend this week focusing on two of them, both of which happen to relate directly to one of my favorite comic book writers, Mark Waid.

A little background, for those of you who don’t know: Waid started in comics in the ’80s as an editor, but didn’t really hit his stride until the ’90s, when he became the main writer on Flash. When he first took on the writing chores, no one really took note — Flash wasn’t a book most people were paying attention to, and Waid was pretty much unknown. In short order, though, he made the book his own and did some truly astounding things with it, sending his reputation into the stratosphere and cementing his bonafides as a truly talented comic book writer.

I’ve always loved the Flash. In the early eighties, Barry Allen (the Flash of my childhood) was forced into a situation where he had to kill his nemesis, the time-traveling Reverse-Flash, in order to save an innocent life. A trial for manslaughter ensued, there was much drama, and in the end, Barry ended up sacrificing himself to save the universe.

So that ended well. [Read more…]

Stories I Never Told: Future Justice

One weird element that keeps coming up as I look through my old files is that many of the ideas, notions, and “bits” that I developed actually ended up happening “for real” in later comics! Maybe it’s a weird coincidence or psychic thievery or maybe it’s just that — given time — sufficient permutations of comic book stuff will result in any possibility coming true.

Last week, for example, I mentioned my plan to use an obscure character called The Wrath…and years later The Wrath was, indeed, resurrected. Similarly, there are some strange coincidences between this week’s entry and what eventually happened in the actual comics. I’ll point them out when we get there, and will also point out such coincidences going forward. Because why not?

This particular Story I Never Told is similar to the last one in a couple of ways. For one thing, it’s of relatively early vintage — probably 1990 or 1991, making me a college freshman or sophomore. For another, it involves an alternate version of the Justice League.

Future Justice logo

Future Justice was a mini-series idea that would have been set some time in the 26th century, a period of DC’s future history that — as best I could tell — hadn’t been explored.1 It was a pretty simple story, really. [Read more…]

  1. The Legion was in in the 30th century and Reverse-Flash came from the 25th.