For the Tech of It: Backup

When I was a kid, I sat dutifully at my desk every day, pounding away at my Atari 800XL computer to craft short stories, comic book scripts, and even a novel.

For reasons I don’t recall, all of my computer equipment was plugged into an outlet controlled by my bedroom light switch. Most likely, that was the nearest and most readily available outlet, usable without resorting to a web of extension cords.

You see where this is going, I’m sure. [Read more…]

For the Tech of It: Hardware (Desktop)

My iMac and monitor set-up

I am frequently asked about the tools of the trade. Since writing doesn’t usually involve sawdust or any sort of protective goggles, those tools are pretty much digital.1 So, I’m going to do some BLogs wherein I go through my digital toolbox, starting today with where most of my work gets done: On my desktop. [Read more…]

  1. I almost never use anything but a computer, from note-taking through to final draft. Occasionally, I’ll jot something down on a piece of paper in the unusual scenario where I can’t get to my phone, but that’s really, really rare.