Memory Monday: Reality

So, every Monday morning, I comb through some old comics from my youth, looking for something goofy or perhaps just plain awesome to put up.

This morning, I paged through an old JLA comic, and, yeah, I found some goofiness, but I also stumbled on something that just might be…profound. [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Wonder Woman Too Eager to Strip

So, the JLA gets zapped across the galaxy by an unknown force and is floating in deep, deep space…

Wow! OK, then, Wonder Woman! Good idea — as soon as possible, let’s ditch these environment suits and just hope that the atmosphere stays safe. It’s not like you’re in a completely alien environment with no way of knowing how you got there or how you’ll get home.

Oh, wait — you are.


(Justice League of America #202, May 1982. Written by Gerry Conway. Art by Don Heck & Brett Breeding.)

Memory Monday: Flash & Zee

So, the Flash heads up to the JLA satellite and hangs out with Zatanna. They chat. He makes dinner for them. [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Should Gas-X Join the Justice League?

My excuse for this week’s Memory Monday is that I was twelve when I first saw this cover.

But I admit — I still giggle when I think of it, decades later… [Read more…]

Memory Monday: Lots of Words, Not Much Time

Either that’s the slowest punch in history, or Superwoman is talking really fast…

(From Justice League of America #207, October 1982. Written by Gerry Conway. Art by Don Heck and Romeo Tanghal.)