Interview: Hats Off Corner

C. Lee McKenzie asked me some questions on her blog, ranging from writing-while-parenting to dealing with rejection. I said things like this:

Inspiration is a nice side effect, when it happens.

And more! Check it out.

Interview: USAToday

USAToday’s “Happily Ever After” blog interviewed yours truly, Peter Facinelli, and Rob DeFranco about After the Red Rain, including questions about the characters, the story, and cheerful topics like the end of the world.

USA Today interview screenshot

Interview: New Asian Writing

“All questions are answered, all mysteries are resolved…and all debts are paid!”

Me, discussing Blood of My Blood with New Asian Writing, even though I am old and not Asian.

Check it out.

Interview: Dana’s YA Bookpile

A quick interview with me on the origins of I Hunt Killers, advice to young writers, and sushi vs. cheeseburgers!

Interview: Lucienne Diver

Agent/author Lucienne Diver read I Hunt Killers and had some questions. I answered them…