Two Things About Amazon vs. Hachette

In general, I’ve been happy to say very little about the ongoing Amazon vs. Hachette (publishers of I Hunt Killers) battle royale, instead pointing to others’ statements. It’s a big, thorny, ugly complicated issue and I don’t have the patience to do it justice, especially when others are writing so often and so well about it. Plus, quite frankly, I just don’t need to spike my blood pressure by thinking about it.

But reading a recent piece by Christopher Wright made me realize that there are two bits I do want to discuss, mainly because I don’t see anyone talking about them.

Wright’s article is well-thought-out and cogently presented, examining the kinds of nuance I enjoy. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he lays out a series of logical inferences in a manner that leaves little quibble room. I encourage you to go read it before you continue here.

So, here are my two problems with the Amazon vs. Hachette discussion, as thrown into stark relief by Wright’s piece: [Read more…]

Peter Brown on the Amazon Mess

“Now Amazon is holding my books hostage.”

I have much to say on the Amazon mess, but my buddy Peter Brown has said so much, so well that it would be a crime not to point you in his direction: Amazon Is Destroying My Favorite Things! | Peter Brown Studio.