Read Half of Unsoul’d Now!

It’s a time-honored tradition to let people read a little bit of the beginning of your book before they decide to buy it. Usually this means a few chapters.

Well, for Unsoul’d, I’m going all-out. I’m letting you guys read almost half the book. For free.

Check it out below. Enjoy! (Click on the fullscreen icon on the lower right corner if the document is too small!)

Game Sample and Prequel Story — FREE!

Today’s the day, Game-waiters!


No, not the day for the book to come out. That’s still April 16. But today is the day for the Game free sample, which contains the first fifteen chapters of the book (over 120 pages!) as well as the special prequel short story, “Neutral Mask.”

Trust me — if you love Connie, you do not want to miss “Neutral Mask!” [Read more…]