I HUNT KILLERS in Thailand!

I’m happy to report the latest foreign rights deal for I Hunt Killers! If you live in Thailand, you’ll get the book soon enough. (Of course, if you live in Thailand, I doubt you’re reading this…so the book will be a surprise to you!)

Punica Publishing will publish the book in paperback for the Thai audience. Very cool!

I HUNT KILLERS Goes to Korea!

Yes, it’s beginning to feel very strange to keep making announcements about a book pretty much no one has read yet. And yet, here I am again.

It’s as simple as the headline says: Courtesy of the fine folks at Random House Korea, the I HUNT KILLERS series will be published in Korea. I’m pretty psyched, for all the obvious reasons, and also for one personal milestone: This is my first sale in Asia!

Thanks to everyone at Little, Brown, Anderson Literary, and — of course — Random House Korea for making this happen!