October ACLU Fundraiser: “When I Die”

This month’s fundraiser short story is “When I Die.”

When I Die cover


Robert Ogilvy served his country, just as his father and grandfather before him did. There was never any question; never any doubt.

Then Robert’s son is killed during a routine training drill en route to Iraq. Suddenly, Robert questions everything. Suddenly he doubts everything.

And then the angel appears to him. And explains that he can have his son back. All he has to do is give up everything. All he has to do is turn his back on everything he’s every believed in…

As with all of the fundraisers, this story is only available for one month and costs $1.99. Please buy the story and spread the word!


Ebook Sale for I Hunt Killers!

I Hunt Killers mass market paperback

The ebook edition of I Hunt Killers is on sale through May 27 for a mere 99¢! Yes, for less than a buck, you can get all the gore, all the crazy, and all the WTF???!

Check it out:

Unsoul’d is #1!

My quirky, sexy adult novel, Unsoul’d, has hit the top spot on Kobo’s list for Fiction & Literature (as well as the subcategories of Humor and Literary)!

Yes, I’m psyched!

Kobo screenshot

Unsoul’d was an interesting project for me. Written with a very adult audience in mind, even though I’m known for YA, it published a couple of years ago to very little fanfare (a deliberate decision on my part). I love the book for its unrelenting narcissism and its absurdly overwrought sex. Plus, it’s way closer to the reality of being a writer than most people want to admit!

As I’ve said in the past, Randall Banner — the book’s unlikeable protagonist — does and says everything I wish I had done and said in my life…and am now so glad I never did!

In a way, Unsoul’d is a look at how Fanboy might have grown up if he’d never met Kyra.

If you’re interested, give it a shot. You can get the super-cheap e-book at Kobo for a mere $3.99. And it’s available everywhere else, too, of course!

Buy the Book!

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Unsoul’d is available as an ebook only. To read an excerpt (almost half the book!), go here.

After the Red Rain On Sale!

After the Red Rain hardcover

The Nook (ebook) version of After the Red Rain is on sale today through Halloween as part of Barnes & Noble’s special Halloween promotion! For these ten days only, you can get the book for a mere $6.99 (usually $9.99)!

Go check it out!

Unsoul’d: On Sale!

UnSouldAre you looking for a book that doesn’t have a moral or a lesson, a book with bad people doing bad things and not feeling too guilty about it? A book where sex is a sport…and sports get dirty? More importantly, do you not want to spend a bunch of money for this?

Well, you’re in luck.

Unsoul’d, my “dirty little fable” about an author who sells his soul to the devil, is currently on sale at all e-tailers! For a mere $3.99, you can enter the sad, funny, perverted world of Randall Banner as he tries to write a bestselling novel, deals with a pain-in-the-ass devil, and has a metric ton of illicit sex.

“That day I had a bagel for breakfast and sold my soul to the devil. In retrospect, the bagel was probably a mistake.”

Randall Banner is thirty-five years old, a middling mid-list author who yearns for more of everything: More attention. More fame. More money. More fans.

Then, one quiet morning, he meets the devil while pounding away at his laptop at his usual coffee shop. Soon, a deal is made, a contract is signed, and Randall is on his way to fame and fortune unlike any he ever imagined.

What follows is a bawdy, hilarious, yet harrowing tale of one man, one devil, and a deal that could change the world.

Bestselling romance novelist Sarah Maclean says Unsoul’d is “Like Nick Hornby writing an episode of Californication!” And hey, she would know!

Here’s what some readers who aren’t Sarah Maclean have said:

Loved this book. Twisted in the right way.

That ending was just…I have no words. It was a great read and totally unexpected ending, in one word amazing.

Lyga’s take on the devil is as clever, and unique, as Twain’s or Lewis’s.

A laugh-out-loud, insightful, and sarcastic book about writers and writing, Brooklyn, LA, and what happens when you just say, “What the Hell…”

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