Memory Monday: Celebrating Evil? Really?

I usually love the work of classic Superman writer Elliot S! Maggin, but in this instance, I think he screwed the pooch.


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Memory Monday: Bizarro Parenting

Planet blowing up? Want to help your kid? Try the Bizarro Method!

Bizarro Parenting

Good thing he had that “burrow into the center of the planet” rocket lying around, eh?

(from DC Comics Presents #97, September 1986. Written by Steve Gerber. Art by Rick Veitch & Bob Smith.)

Memory Monday: Superego!

No, today’s Memory Monday is not about one of the trinity of psychological constructs inherent in the psyche of human beings.

It’s about another kind of Superego.


Wow, Superman. Just…wow.

(Also: Note that this story needed four writers!)

(From DC Comics Presents Annual #3, 1984. Story by Roy Thomas, Julius Schwartz, Gil Kane, and Joey Cavalieri. Art by Gil Kane.)

Memory Monday: The Device is Irreplaceable!

First rule of comics…

…the device is always irreplaceable.

(From DC Comics Presents #79, March 1985. Written by Paul Kupperberg. Art by Curt Swan and Al Williamson.)

Memory Monday: Third Wheel, Alien Style

You just gotta feel for this big ol’ alien doofus who just doesn’t know when to am-scray so that a winged chick and a tiger dude can get horizontal…

(From DC Comics Presents #89, January 1986. Written by Bob Rozakis and Todd Klein. Art by Alex Saviuk and Ricardo Villagran.)