I Hunt Killers: Regrets?


Here there be spoilers for the I Hunt Killers series!

Recently, over on the BLog post about the ancient, alternate ending to I Hunt Killers that I unearthed from my hard drive, someone commented:

Screen capture of a comment

I thought that was a terrific question, so here’s a long-winded answer. :) [Read more…]

The Official Barry Lyga Facebook Page is Up!

Facebook page screenshotHey, gang! I’ve put up an official Barry Lyga Facebook page. And to welcome everyone to it, I’ve posted “Neutral Mask,” the special Connie prequel story to I Hunt Killers!

In “Neutral Mask,” we zoom in on a time one year before the opening of I Hunt Killers. Jazz and Connie have just started dating. And Connie wants her new boyfriend to try acting. Of course, she doesn’t realize he’s always acting…

Yes, there is plenty of Howie, too. :)

To read the story, just visit the Facebook page and “Like” it. Then you can click on the “Prequel” tab and start reading!