WiRL: “I guess I’m the sidekick”


Episode 52: The One where They Don’t Canoodle

Morgan lets Barry see Deadpool on Valentine’s Day. Saying “thank you” to your spouse. Barry does not get offended. The narrative of the inept dad and its consequences. Morgan’s revision update. Barry has lots of books to read.

WiRL: “I will buy the whole damn book”

Episode 49: The One where They’re Snowbound


Snowed in with Leia for the first time. Further discussion of discipline: For parents and for writers. The importance of beginning (not beginnings). Barry races the Grim Reaper. Plus: Authors who are just too damn precious.

WiRL: “Have I Read This Before?”


It’s Christmas, so we do…nothing special. 🙂

Episode 45: The One with Morgan’s Memory Problems

Morgan cheats on Barry. Taking stock of what we’ve read this year. Morgan’s memory is terrible. Barry resists going all Campbell on Star Wars. Wisdom from Sylvia Plath. Plus: Great first lines!

WiRL: Barry Hates Non-fiction

WiRL-iconAnother week, another episode of Writing in Real Life, the only podcast in the whole world (nay, the whole universe) starring my wife and me!

This week:

Vaccinate your kids. Thanks, grandmothers! Barry disses personal essays and remains a man of mystery. The submission process as quantum weirdness. What kind of writing class is the best for aspiring authors? Why Morgan married Barry. Plus: Morgan’s secret terror.