WiRL: “You’ve gotta keep up with the other kids”

Dad on computer while kid plays with iPad

(Image: NYT)

Episode 63: The One with Sensible Screentime

Morgan damns Barry with faint praise. Mornings! Showers! Is the “limit your kid’s screentime” notion an anti-feminist plot? Barry’s theory that multiple TVs lead to divorce. Plus, Morgan preps for her first writing conference…and makes a soul-searching confession.

WiRL: “Scotland, My Favorite Country”

Episode 62: The One with Eight Followers, Maybe Twelvesunset over water

Morgan is obsessed with Snapchat. Follow-up on programming your brain and baby paranoia. Leia climbs on a truck. Vacations are good. New ideas for stories! The scourge of outlining. Morgan publishes an essay. Pitching vs. blogging. The frustration of being ignored by editors and agents.

WiRL: “A 5x Multiple on this Particular Slot Machine”

Mr. MomEpisode 61: The One without a Daddy Blogosphere

Does a debut have to be big? Guess what: Your sales aren’t determined by the quality of your book. Are celebrity memoirs worth the massive cost? Morgan has opinions about Captain America: Civil War. The (missing) narrative of the Stay-At-Home Dad.

WiRL: “I got really good with the thermometer”

Episode 60: The One with Sylvia Plath on Zoloft

Leia visits the doctor three times in four days. Revisiting Lyga’s Law of Publishing: Barry signs a contract and explains why it takes so long. Science says: writers and psychotics are the same. (Morgan disagrees.) Don’t be a jerk on the internet. Morgan psyches out Barry. Barry goes nuts over a new book.

WiRL: “Look, babies cry”


Episode 59: The One with a Note under the Door

Does living in close quarters give neighbors permission to tell parents when a baby is crying too much? Morgan’s new career aspiration. Reese Witherspoon is on Goodreads—who knew? Does being a writer ruin your ability to enjoy reading for its own sake?