2016: The (Lyga) Year in Review

Last year around this time, I saw that Holly Black had posted a Year in Review on her blog. On my podcast, I lamented that I hadn’t thought to do the same, and resolved to give it a shot.

So of course, I decided to do my first Year in Review post at the end of what may be the lousiest year in my lifetime, with the promise of more bad yet to come.

Oh, well.


In my personal life, it was a year of upheaval and complexity, but ultimately one of great joy. [Read more…]

WiRL: “It Took Two Floppy Disks”

Episode 58: The One that Ends with a Bang

Writing advice — it’s everywhere. But is any of it actually useful? Or even from this century? Morgan invented Pinterest. Barry and Morgan reveal their parenting philosophy. Also: Barry’s new book!