Amazon Picks Bang!

Hey, some more good news for Bang has come my way: the book has been included in the “Spring’s Best YA Fiction” list on Amazon’s Spring Reading Preview!

Amazon Spring Preview list BangBang joins nineteen other titles, including The Hate U Give and Strange the Dreamer. Check it out at this link (you’ll need to scroll down past the younger ages to the YA books).

Gillian Flynn and I are Thisclose

Well, ha-ha and LOL! Just saw this in an email Amazon sends out to readers.

amazon-killers-gone-girlMany thanks to whomever at HarperTeen thought to put me in the same sentence as Gone Girl. Now if only my sales lived up to the hype…

Best of luck to you, Ms. Stokes!

I Hunt Killers is On Sale!

Killers_MMPBThe fine folks at Amazon and Kobo have decided to put the I Hunt Killers ebook on sale for the month of March. You can scoop up the ebook for a mere $2.99. How awesome is that?

Here are some links, in case you’re too tired to go find it yourself! 🙂

Two Things About Amazon vs. Hachette

In general, I’ve been happy to say very little about the ongoing Amazon vs. Hachette (publishers of I Hunt Killers) battle royale, instead pointing to others’ statements. It’s a big, thorny, ugly complicated issue and I don’t have the patience to do it justice, especially when others are writing so often and so well about it. Plus, quite frankly, I just don’t need to spike my blood pressure by thinking about it.

But reading a recent piece by Christopher Wright made me realize that there are two bits I do want to discuss, mainly because I don’t see anyone talking about them.

Wright’s article is well-thought-out and cogently presented, examining the kinds of nuance I enjoy. I don’t agree with everything he says, but he lays out a series of logical inferences in a manner that leaves little quibble room. I encourage you to go read it before you continue here.

So, here are my two problems with the Amazon vs. Hachette discussion, as thrown into stark relief by Wright’s piece: [Read more…]

Get 30% Off on Stephen King…and Me…

And Valerie Plame. And Joe Hill. And Douglas Preston. And Nora Roberts. And…

mbtbbannerWhat am I going on about? Well, the fine folks at Murder by the Book (a most excellent crime and mystery bookstore in Texas) have decided to support the group Authors United, which has taken a public stance against Amazon’s recent behavior. The group includes authors directly effected (like yours truly), but also authors from publishers who are not impacted by Amazon’s decisions (like Mr. King).

Murder by the Book is showing its support by discounting our books by 30%, including preorders! So even though Amazon has stopped taking preorders on my books and is no longer discounting them, you can still order in advance and get discounts thanks to Murder by the Book.

Here’s their page explaining what they’re doing and why.

Here’s the page to order my books.

And here’s the preorder page for Blood of My Blood.

Make sure you use the promo code “AuthorsUnited” when you place your order! And BTW: The sale is only for print books, not ebooks!

Thanks, Murder by the Book!