Resistance is Feudal

How this story came about is a little weird…

Before I published my first novel (but after I’d published some short stories), I came across an anthology called Strange New Worlds. Basically, it was an anthology contest every year, wherein fans would write Star Trek short stories and compete to have them published.

I’m familiar with Star Trek (who isn’t?), but I’ve never really been a huge fan. I’ve seen the movies and I’ve watched maybe a dozen episodes of the various TV shows, and that’s about it.

However, I was very conversant with Star Trek lore. See, when I started my job in the comic book biz a million years ago, no one had any work for me for the first few days. My desk’s previous occupant had left some sort of Star Trek encyclopedia in one of the drawers, so I spent those few days reading it.

So I had some knowledge and the Strange New Worlds contest seemed like a possible path to another publication credit. Plus, I had an idea for a story — one with a twist.

I wrote “Resistance is Feudal” and submitted it and was told that it wouldn’t fit in this year’s anthology, but I should definitely re-submit for the next year.

Well, by then I had my first novel published, which made me ineligible for a fan contest.

What to do with the story?

It sat on my hard drive for a few years. And then I thought it might be fun to publish it as J.J. Abrams prepares to reboot the Star Trek franchise. So here it is — enjoy!