Short Stories

Short stories are a lot of fun. I wrote a lot of short fiction before I broke into publishing novels and then had the opportunity to do some more while still novel-ing away. Here are the ones that have made it out into the world…

“The Truth About Dino Girl” — A short story set in Brookdale.
Where Is It?: In the anthology Geektastic

“The Mating Habits of Whales” — A short comic book story illustrated by my old friend Jeff Dillon.
Where Is It?: In the anthology Does This Book Make Me Look Fat?

“Resistance is Feudal” — I take a crack at the Star Trek universe…in my own way.
Where Is It?: Right here!

Click for Title” — My first published short story! A quick little metatextual and hypertextual commentary on story structure.
Where Is It?: The Florida Review Volume 26, #2 (Summer 2001) (I have no idea if they sell copies of back issues or not)

“Trading Worlds” — A semi-autobiographical, magical realism 9/11 memoir.
Where Is It?: Glimmer Train #48 (Fall 2003) (looks like they still have copies for sale, if you’re interested)

“Szechwan Panda” — Ten authors. One story. No sense.
Where Is It?: Right here!