Novels in Progress

Currently, I am working on…

“The Monster” a.k.a. “The Book That Will Kill Me”
What is it?: A very long, involved, complicated young adult novel. My agent is the one who nicknamed it “the monster.” I just call it “The Book That Will Kill Me.”
Tell Me About It: Not much to say at this point. It’s going to take me a long time to finish this one, so I’ll be doing some other stuff in the meantime.
Who’s It For?: Probably 15+.
When Does It Come Out?: No freakin’ idea! 🙂

Archvillain: Yesterday Again
What is it?: The third book in the series for middle grade readers.
Tell Me About It: Kyle is ready to take the ultimate step in order to defeat Mighty Mike — time travel!
Who’s It For?: Ages 10-13…ish.
When Does It Come Out?: January 2013

I Hunt Killers Book 2
What is it?: A YA series.
Tell Me About It: Imagine the most notorious serial killer in the world is your dad. Now imagine you don’t trust yourself because he raised you to be just like him.
Who’s It For?: Young adults.
When Does It Come Out?: Spring 2013