The I Hunt Killers Prequels

Before the Hunt!

If you’ve read the I Hunt Killers novels, you only have part of the story!

Set before the events of the first book, these short stories and novellas fill in the backstory of the trilogy. How did Jazz and Connie fall in love? How did G. William catch Billy? These questions and more are answered within!

Each is available on all ereader platforms.

Down Time ebook coverWhen Billy Dent, the world’s most notorious serial killer, goes on vacation, you’d expect murder to follow, right? And, yeah, it does. No shocker there. But what will surprise you is who dies…and how…and why. And for the first time in his life, it’s possible Billy isn’t the hunter, but rather the prey!


Lucky DayFour years before Jazz started hunting, his father was still on the loose. This is the story of the small town sheriff who captured one of the world’s most ruthless and cunning murderers.

It all started with Dead Girl #1 and Dead Girl #2, the first killings in the sleepy town of Lobo’s Nod in decades. Two murders: just a coincidence, or something more sinister? One thing’s for sure — it was definitely inconvenient in a year when Sheriff G. William Tanner, a mourning widower, had to run for reelection.

With a trail gone cold, it’s only luck that links the murders to the most notorious serial killer in memory. And in a town like Lobo’s Nod, the killer must be someone Tanner already knows….

Career Day cover

Set one year before I Hunt Killers

Jasper has a problem, and everyone knows it: His father is Billy Dent, world-famous serial killer. Even though Dear Old Dad is in jail, Jasper still feels like everyone is watching him, like everyone thinks he’s dangerous.

Even he thinks he’s dangerous. Sometimes.

His best — and only — friend Howie is always ready with a joke or a goofy nickname, but Jasper needs more. Maybe that new girl in town, Connie, is what he’s been looking for…


Neutral_Mask-coverSet one year before I Hunt Killers, shortly after “Career Day”…

Connie is the new girl in town, but she already has friends…and maybe even a boyfriend. Her father isn’t happy that Connie is dating a white boy like Jasper Dent, and things get even worse when she realizes that Jasper is the son of Billy Dent, one of the world’s most notorious serial killers! This is the story of how Connie and Jazz overcame their early troubles and fell in love.


Blood Boy cover small

Set one year before I Hunt Killers, shortly after “Neutral Mask”…

Fan-favorite character Howie Gersten — Jazz Dent’s hemophiliac best friend from the I Hunt Killers series — finally gets a story all his own! Set one year before the events of the series, “Blood Boy” takes you inside Howie’s hilariously twisted mind for one night only. Enjoy Halloween as only Howie can, learn more about his relationship with Jazz and Connie…and discover exactly what it is he’s keeping a secret from both of them.