Hero-Type: Reviews

Here are the reviews for the book that have come in so far…

Kliatt (starred review)
“Leavened by much humor, including the pranks played by Kross’s good friends, the Council of Fools, this neatly plotted look at what real patriotism and heroism mean will get readers thinking. Another fine offering from the talented author of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl and Boy Toy.”

VOYA (4Q, 4P)
“This novel proves that there are still fresh ideas and new, interesting story lines to be explored in young adult literature. Lyga revisits South Brook High School, where his previous books are set, but he takes on unchartered waters with his discussions of heroism, voyeurism, and free speech, while regular teen concerns such as bullying, cliques, friendship, and crushes maintain their relevance in the story. This book will keep readers engaged, but it will also make them think about issues big and small. It is a perfect discussion-group book and is extremely current in a unique way that is notpolitical.”

School Library Journal (November 2008 Edition)
“Lyga’s fans will be rewarded by his authentic teen characters, his willingness to tackle tough issues, and, most importantly, his ability to encourage a dialogue that is crucial to democratic participation..”

“Professor Nana” blog (May 27, 2008)
“….an absorbing, fast-moving, and totally believable story about an average teen who is faced with some critical decisions, decisions that can change not only his own life but the lives of family and friends. Decisions that have repercussions. Kevin’s thoughts and fellings are quintessentially adolescent. While he is not an “Everyteen,” he is emblematic of what many teens wrestle with: the questions that never seem to have a concrete answer. ”

The (Eugene, OR) Register-Guard (January 19, 2009 Edition)
“Courage is the recurring theme in this novel…. The author weaves many controversial topics into this novel, but is committed to giving equal time to both sides.”

Kirkus (September 1, 2008 Edition)
“…Lyga rambles well. In fact, it’s his keen sense of teenage boy-dom that keeps the plot from getting too weighty.”

Booklist (August 1, 2008 Edition)
“Lyga has an keen ear for incisive teen dialogue and employs an appealingly quirky cast of too-smart-for-school teenage pranksters to get the story quickly off its feet…. he … manages to capture the roller-coaster ride that defines high-school life as well as anybody around.”