Early Reviews


“Lyga dives with typical boldness into the complexity of teen emotions and, for the first time, the female perspective…. [a] raw, furious, heartbroken narrative.” – BookList

“Emotions run high and the outcome is uncertain…the result is an honest and thoughtful exploration of friendship, anger and love.” – BookPage

“…goth teens and fans of the first novel will be drawn into the darkness that is her life.” – Kirkus Reviews

“…Kyra remains a fierce, unstoppable character. Readers will love getting her side of the story….” – Publishers Weekly

“…his voice is so believable and his characters so distinctive that readers should be captivated…” — The Horn Book

“While being inside Goth Girl’s mind is often unsettling…Lyga does an excellent job of shedding more light on an unforgettable character. She may be one of the most unlikable characters I’ve read recently, but with his masterful storytelling, Lyga helps reveal the mysteries behind the madness in a very entertaining sequel.” –TeenReads.com

“[a] serious and absorbing novel for mature young adults, dealing as it does with the deeper issues of life itself–death, self-knowledge, responsibility to self and others, loyalty and friendship, and living in the world as it is–one that asks and gives much to the reader who has the persistence to look beneath the surface of this in-your-face main character. It’s not going too far to say that this novel is about the courage it takes to accept redemption over self-annihilation.” – Books for Kids

“It all feels painfully real, and the situations should provide great discussions between mothers and daughters and book club members.” – Mother Daughter BookClub.com

“Lyga has an ability to get so deep into a character that I felt he personally knew these people. I’m like there is no way he’s making this up!” – J. Kaye’s Book Blog

“The thing I love most about this book is that the writing is witty and snappy. This book makes reading about all the heaviness in Kyra’s life kind of fun for the most part. I really do enjoy Lyga’s writing style.” – Karissa’s Reading Review Blog