Tess Has it Right

So, as I sit here, Boy Toy is sorta-kinda out there. The book was deliberately shipped early to stores, but not everyone got the memo, so some stores have put it out already, and others are waiting on the original (late September) street date before putting it out.

I was going to write a little essay here about how strange and exhilirating and terrifying it is when your book comes out, but then what should appear in my RSS reader but Tess Gerritsen’s blog entry today about… Why, look — the exact same thing!

Tess gets it right and says it better than I would have. Go read her instead.

Boy Toy is Out! — UPDATED

Color me surprised as all hell.

Originally Boy Toy was supposed to hit stores on September 28. Then my publisher informed me that due to some promotions being planned, the book would come out in early September.

So imagine my surprise when I walked into a Barnes & Noble yesterday and saw this:

Yep, that’s Boy Toy, next to the spanking-new Fanboy paperback! Don’t they look happy together?

If you want to comment about Boy Toy, head over here.

UPDATE: Apparently, not all stores and chains have put the book out on their shelves yet. Amazon is shipping it, Barnes & Noble has it on the shelves, and several independent stores have it out, too. Many stores, though, are holding to the published ship date, which is some time in September, so you may not see on your local bookstore shelf until then.

Robin in PW!

My bestest buddy in the writing universe, Robin Brande, has her first book coming out soon. And Publishers Weekly has quite rightly taken notice and conducted an interview with her! Check it out — it’s full of Robin’s usual good sense and considered wit.

More Love, More Beauty

Ah, my cup runneth over! Check this out. Isn’t it beautiful?

It’s the paperback edition of The Astonishing Adventures of Fanboy and Goth Girl. I really thought I’d never like anything more than that red cover, but MAN! What an amazing cover! Love it.

A lot of authors HATE their covers. I’ve been really lucky — I love mine!

(Won’t it be eye-catching on a shelf next to Boy Toy?)

Love, Beauty

Imagine my shock and surprise when I came home from an eye doctor’s appointment this afternoon only to find that UPS had come and gone in my absence…and left a copy of Boy Toy on my front step.

When I say “a copy,” I don’t mean one of the galleys I’ve been signing for the past few months. I mean an actual, honest-to-God finished, bound hardcover book!

I was amazed. The book isn’t out until September and it seems like last year, I didn’t get a copy of Fanboy until much closer to the actual in-store date.

But who am I to complain about getting my book early, of all things?

Anyway, let me tell you something — I absolutely love this book! No, I’m not devolving into a creature of pure ego. I’m not talking about the words at all. I mean the look of it. God, it’s a thing of beauty! Houghton did a nice embossed treatment on the front cover, raising the letters in the title. There are little touches everywhere — the front flap in blue, for example, with the back flap in complementary green. The green endpapers. The way they’ve turned the cover design into a logo, using it everywhere on the cover it says “Boy Toy.”

I really thought that nothing could compare to the thrill of seeing my first book in print, but I have to say this is just as thrilling. It’s a beautiful package and I’m really happy with it. My thanks to everyone involved, but especially artist extraordinaire Jon Gray (who managed to distill a complicated and broad narrative into a simple, eye-catching image) and Sheila Smallwood, who took Jon’s vision and translated into a terrific package design.