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The I Hunt Killers Movie is Coming! (Maybe. In Korean.)

After literally years of hard work by my agents in the States and some folks on the Korean Peninsula, I’m happy to announce that Korean film rights have been optioned by Page One Productions based on the Korean translations of the I Hunt Killers trilogy published by RHK Publishing.

South Korean cover to I Hunt Killers

Which means — if Page One chooses to exercise the option — there very well may be a movie. In Korean. (Subtitled elsewhere around the world, never fear!)

This, I realize, is not exactly what my English-language readers have been hoping for all these years.

But it’s pretty cool on its own, apparently a ground-breaking deal, the first time a Korean-language movie will be made from an American novel before an English-language movie.

And about an English-language movie… What’s up with that, you ask?South Korean GAME

Beats me. Same as it ever was. If someone wants to make it, they know where to find me. There’s a chance that a good, successful Korean movie will spark some interest in Hollywood, the way movies like Old Boy and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Ring started out as overseas flicks that did well enough to attract the attention of the American movie industry. And that might get us an English-language movie.

We’ll see. Regardless, we have this super-cool and fun news! If I have any updates, I will — of course — post ’em immediately!

Many, many thanks to everyone at Page One in Korea, especially Jae Yun Chung, as well as to Eric Yang of RHK, Inc. (the Korean publisher of I Hunt Killers).

Thanks, too, to my agent Kathleen Anderson of Anderson Literary Management, to Ginam Lee of Legacy Pro Law, who truly performed heroically above and beyond the call of duty to make this happen, and to Duran Kim of Duran Kim Agency, who got it all started.

June ACLU Fundraiser: Her Decade

Here is June’s fundraiser short story for the ACLU:


A young man celebrates his eighteenth birthday with some drinking. Who could get hurt?

Susan Ann Marchetti, that’s who. Killed in a drinking and driving accident. And now the young man who killed her will grow to adulthood visiting her each year, as the anniversary of his birth becomes the anniversary of her death. Ten birthdays at a grave could harden anyone; who will he be at the end of this decade?

Set in the same world as Bang, Boy Toy, and other Lyga novels, “Her Decade” forms a crucial backdrop to those stories, opening up new details as it reveals a powerful history for the town of Brookdale.

As with all of the fundraiser stories, “Her Decade” sells for $1.99 and will only be available for one month. Please buy the story and spread the word!

Interview: Huffington Post

Over on the Huffington Post, the Book Doctors interviewed me about Bang, pizza, and writing books that teens read.

TBD: How did you learn to become a writer?

BL: I sort of figured it out on my own, really. I knew at a very young age that I wanted to tell stories, and I was manic in my reading. I read constantly. Every chance I had, I would have my nose in a book. So I sort of absorbed a lot of the lessons and the rhythms of writing and internalized them subconsciously. Which isn’t to say that I was a great writer the first time my fingers touched the keyboard! Hell, no! I still had to practice and hone my craft, which took literally decades. But no one ever really sat me down and taught me how to start — I figured that out on my own and then just kept iterating and trying until things started to click.

Read the complete interview on HuffPo!

Bang in the New York Times!

Bang coverThe New York Times Book Review has posted its review of Bang. Needless to say, I’m stoked:

Lyga captures the heartbreak of Sebastian’s situation with sensitivity and compassion, exploring how a life can be unfairly defined by just one action, how it’s tragically easy to ignore humanity in favor of a headline, and just what communication, love and sharing the truth can do, especially when it comes to forgiving oneself.

You can read the complete review at the Times website.

Amazon Picks Bang!

Hey, some more good news for Bang has come my way: the book has been included in the “Spring’s Best YA Fiction” list on Amazon’s Spring Reading Preview!

Amazon Spring Preview list BangBang joins nineteen other titles, including The Hate U Give and Strange the Dreamer. Check it out at this link (you’ll need to scroll down past the younger ages to the YA books).