Guest Blog: My Book, The Movie

Over at “My Book, the Movie,” authors talk about casting the movie adaptations of their novels. I was asked about casting I Hunt Killers, and here’s a little bit of what I had to say…

I’ve been asked repeatedly: Who do you see playing Jazz? And Connie? And Howie? And G. William? And the guy at the coffee shop eating a cruller?

The sad, sad answer is this: Beats me.

I guess I missed the day in Author School when they taught us how to answer these questions because I don’t have the slightest idea who should play anyone in my series. Honestly.

Well, not honestly. There’s one exception.

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Guest Blog: The Page 69 Test

At the request of the Campaign for the American Reader, I’ve subjected Blood of My Blood to the Page 69 Test, wherein authors check out page 69 of their books and discuss how that page mirrors/contributes to the book as a whole.

For Blood of My Blood? Well…

page 69 is in no way representative of the book as a whole, unless you count “creepy sense of ickiness” as representative.

Spoilers follow. Check it out.

Interview (& Giveaway!): Blood Rose Books

It’s a busy day here at Lyga Central! The reveal of the After the Red Rain cover, a guest-blog over at Scholastic, and now this interview at Blood Rose Books, in which I say, among other things:

The first step to eliminating darkness is turning on a light; understanding is a light.

Go check out the interview and enter to win a signed copy of Blood of My Blood!

Guest Post: On Our Minds

The folks at Scholastic asked me to blog a little bit in honor of National Comic Book Day (which is today).

Comics have always been misunderstood, going back to their inception in the 1930s. In fact, comics as a whole — an entire art form! — were dragged in front of Congress in the 1950s and deemed unfit for children, based on spurious testimony and misguided public panic.

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Interview: Interviewing Authors

[UPDATE ON JULY 29, 2015: I just took a look at this interview for the first time in a long time and realized that I offhandedly reference an old Bill Cosby routine. Yikes! The interview was conducted before the Cosby allegations became national news and at the time, I hadn’t heard about them at all. Obviously, there’s no way in the world I would make such a reference now! Just so you know…]

Tim Knox of Interviewing Authors spent close to an hour on the phone with me and the result is an interview that sprawls pretty much over my entire career. You can either read the transcript or listen to the podcast. (I would say listen because you get all of the inflections and nuances that way. But to each his or her own.)

See/hear me say stuff like:

“In young adult, I don’t think anything’s off limits. “

“I think there must be some point in time… I don’t know when it happens, maybe around 30, where they slip some sort of pill into the adult’s breakfast and we all forget how smart we were as kids.”

“Obviously I’ve never been a 16 year old girl”

Enjoy, y’all!