Interview: Hats Off Corner

C. Lee McKenzie asked me some questions on her blog, ranging from writing-while-parenting to dealing with rejection. I said things like this:

Inspiration is a nice side effect, when it happens.

And more! Check it out.

Interview: USAToday

USAToday’s “Happily Ever After” blog interviewed yours truly, Peter Facinelli, and Rob DeFranco about After the Red Rain, including questions about the characters, the story, and cheerful topics like the end of the world.

USA Today interview screenshot

Interview: Fiction Reboot

Sammie Kurty at Fiction Reboot interviewed me about my writing in general and I Hunt Killers in particular.

It comes up often in the IHK series, so I have to ask: Which do you think is more important? nature or nurture? (Or if neither, how do you see the relationship?)

See my answer and more, here!

Guest Bloggin’: Piper Center – “What to Write”

The folks at the Piper Center for Creative Writing at ASU asked me to guest-blog on the topic of “What to Write.” I did exactly that…in my own way.

The blog begins “Someday, you’re going to be dead.” Things go downhill from there.

Check it out!

Interview: Twinja Book Reviews

I’m interviewed over on Twinja Book Reviews for their Diversity Month. I loved this interview; lots of smart questions that I haven’t been asked before.

Including this one, which I’ve never gotten before:

a few of us fan girls gotta know, are you a Sista on the low [or a] black guy with a Full Blown vitiligo?

If you want to see my answer to that one — and much more, including discussion of Connie, Howie, and Dear Old Dad — check out the interview!