Interview: Fiction Reboot

Sammie Kurty at Fiction Reboot interviewed me about my writing in general and I Hunt Killers in particular.

It comes up often in the IHK series, so I have to ask: Which do you think is more important? nature or nurture? (Or if neither, how do you see the relationship?)

See my answer and more, here!

Guest Bloggin’: Piper Center – “What to Write”

The folks at the Piper Center for Creative Writing at ASU asked me to guest-blog on the topic of “What to Write.” I did exactly that…in my own way.

The blog begins “Someday, you’re going to be dead.” Things go downhill from there.

Check it out!

Interview: Twinja Book Reviews

I’m interviewed over on Twinja Book Reviews for their Diversity Month. I loved this interview; lots of smart questions that I haven’t been asked before.

Including this one, which I’ve never gotten before:

a few of us fan girls gotta know, are you a Sista on the low [or a] black guy with a Full Blown vitiligo?

If you want to see my answer to that one — and much more, including discussion of Connie, Howie, and Dear Old Dad — check out the interview!

Interview: Hemos Unite! Podcast

I spoke to Matti Vann on the Hemos Unite! podcast. Yes, we talked a lot about Howie, but we also talked about the origins of I Hunt Killers, my writing career in general, and why I don’t think of my work as being for young adults.

Check it out. There’s some introductory housekeeping, but the interview starts at around four minutes in. (Warning: This was recorded before this happened.)

Interview: Peace, Love, Teen Fiction

Over at Peace, Love, Teen Fiction, I answer some questions about I Hunt Killers. Here’s a sample:

Where do you come up with the names of your serial killers?

BL: Good question! I just started riffing one day, throwing out ideas. I kept the ones that seemed either really eerie or slightly silly. If you think about it, a name like “Son of Sam” is sort of silly, until you know the context. I wanted some of my names to be similar. “Hand-in-Glove” (one of Billy’s aliases) is kind of absurd…until you know it’s the name of a serial killer.

Go check it out!