A new interview is up at Becky’s Book Reviews. Check it out.

Melissa on MySpace has been one of Boy Toy‘s big boosters. When random people were posting really weird stuff on the MySpace review page, she took it upon herself to counteract some of the misconceptions about the book. Bravo, Melissa!

I was happy to do a “Poised at the Edge” interview on Melissa’s blog.

Bendis Speaks on Fanboy!

A lot of people have assumed that I must be friends with Bendis or that I cleared his appearance in Fanboy with him before writing or publishing the book.

Uh, no.

I’ve actually never met the guy. I just went ahead and used him and then crossed my fingers and hoped that it would be OK.

(I was very amused by one review, which slammed the book for — among other things — using my “friend” Bendis! Just goes to show, reviewers — don’t assume!)

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, Mike San Giacomo — a reporter for the Cleveland Plain-Dealer as well as for — interviewed me about the book. Mike has known Bendis for years and he assumed I did, too. When he discovered this was not the case, he decided to call Bendis and get his take on the book.

The result forms one half of a two-part article about me and about the book recently posted on Newsarama. The second half of the article is about the movie option and Boy Toy.


Syracuse Post-Standard Interview Pt. II

Wow! I talk a lot.

The Syracuse Post-Standard’s web site has posted even more of the interview Laura Ryan conducted with me in advance of my trip to Oswego (tomorrow!). I really didn’t realize I blathered on so much!

You can find the original interview as it appeared in print here.

The additional supplemental material lives here.

Thanks to Laura for a fun interview!

Syracuse Post-Standard Interview

In advance of my trip to upstate New York, reporter Laura Ryan interviewed me about the book and writing in general.

It was interesting to see her describe me just before the interview because I’ve always sort of wondered what the person on the other end of the interview is thinking. She says I’m “clearly tickled – and maybe even a little disarmed – by his book’s warm reception.” And she noticed that “Lyga peppers his sentences with words like “cool” and “neat” to describe his life since “Fanboy” debuted last fall. And he laughs a lot.”

I’m always nervous during interviews, but I guess I come across all right. I do tend to say “cool” and “neat” a lot, I’ve noticed, which is sort of pathetic for a writer, but sometimes those two words are the only ones to describe it. They have a certain young innocence about them, and sometimes, when I think about all that’s happened since the book came out, I feel like a kid.

You can find the interview here .

Cynthia Leitich Smith Interview

Fellow YA author Cynthia Leitich Smith does a great service to the writing community: Not only does she pen some terrific reads, but she also takes the time to interview young adult authors on her blog and help promote their books! How generous is that? Hell, I’m a slacker — you don’t see me promoting other people’s books on my site, do you?

So, reward Cynthia: Buy her books!

Oh, and she interviewed me about Fanboy and Goth GirlCheck it out.