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Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Cristian
on Tue June 21, 2011, 14:57:47

Superhero of course. My name would be Ram.1337(i know lame.) I have the power to change someones thoughts and memories for the ones of someone else. My purpose would be to save people in depression, i would then use my power to change those sad and negative thoughts with the thoughts of someone who has won the battle over depression

Re: Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: supermama
on Tue June 21, 2011, 16:36:55

moms have alot of superpowers but I would have super super powers

Win the Superhero book

By: GrahamChops
on Tue June 21, 2011, 16:48:35

Supervillain. I’d find things that were lost, then hold them for ransom. I’d start small, of course–socks, loose change, common sense, etc–and then upgrade to forgotten email passwords and notorious terrorists.
Supervillains are rich, right? My backstory makes sense this way.

Re: Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: GrahamChops
on Tue June 21, 2011, 16:49:30

As an addendum to my previous comment, my name would be Archduke Admiral Maximus Leftsock.

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Zac Harding
on Tue June 21, 2011, 18:09:19

My superhero name would be Biblio Boy. I’d protect the world from my arch nemesis Professor E. Reader. My costume would have quotes from famous books all over it. My power would be the ability to fry electronic devices.

Superhero name

By: Jaymie
on Tue June 21, 2011, 21:01:18

For our school’s bookfair last year, I was Speed Reader. I would go with that superhero name. My superpower would be inspiring kids to read. I’m a fanatic for kids and books.

The Hodgenator to the Rescue!

By: Crys Hodgens
on Tue June 21, 2011, 21:06:16

Superhero name: The Hodgenator
Secret origin: The Hodgenator was a creation in the making after constantly finding herself surrounded by teenagers for years and years. They instilled in her fear for the future; after all, ignorance is not something to laugh about.
Super-powers: The power to stomp out ignorance; the power to read; the power to spread the love, want, and necessity of reading
Costume: a green unitard that says “So you can read this unitard. Now try a book”; red cape and red rain boots with books on them (you know, for stomping out the ignorance); black glasses to hide my true identity; flaming red hair tied with a green ribbon
Wow! This is really dorktastic…save me from myself.

The Amazing Vice-Grip!

By: Emily Marchman
on Tue June 21, 2011, 21:06:43

My name would be “Vice-Grip.” My strong hands have always been my favorite feature. Even before the incident, I was the girl people turned to to open pickle jars and yank out keys stuck in locks. Then one day my fingers fused with the lid of a strange bottle. I shattered the bottle, and the liquid inside soaked my hands. They instantly became stronger than the most powerful tool in my dad’s garage (and he has about all of them). I like goofy hats, so as part of my costume I have a vice-grip around my head. I don’t wear spandex, but I have a mask and a cape because they’re fun. I am somewhat of a villain because I am selfish, and I frequently clash with “The Jackhammer” and his thunder feet because he is sickeningly virtuous and that annoys me. He is quite attractive, though, and I enjoy toying with him. At times I even help him out against a greater foe like “The Sander” who seeks to flatten all the world’s imperfections. But my motives here, as always, are more selfish than pure since I need mountains around to keep my title of “fastest rock climber in the world using only her pinky fingers.” There is nothing I want that my hands of steel can’t grab!

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Garland
on Tue June 21, 2011, 22:10:36

I’d be Shadow. My costume would be an armored black ops uniform and my power is that I would be living shadow, and could turn into gas and solidify at will, and have the ability to heal people. I would protect villages in war zones, healing the injured, all while keeping my presence unknown. The worried families that wake up to see their loved ones healthy will just think its a miracle, and the world needs a lot more of those.

Be A Superhero, Win a Book!!

By: Kenzie Brewer
on Wed June 22, 2011, 15:15:33

My name would be The Marvelous Frizzacator. Frizz represents Mrs. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus t.v. show. O love her energy and passion for engaging students. I’m a future educator and student teaching in the fall. My powers would help me be able to create lessons for all students to be engaged by and help any children who may struggle. My powers would make me able to find solutions to all childrens learning difficulties.

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Matt Imrie
on Wed June 22, 2011, 17:36:35

Late one night he caught an intruder in his home and bludgeoned him unconscious with The Complete Works of William Shakespeare in hardback. He then realised that he could combat faces the forces of ignorance and illiteracy with the healing power of books and good old-fashioned ultra-violence (where required).
By day he is mild mannered librarian Matt but when there is a need for his skills he becomes:
The Librarian.

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Deborah
on Thu June 23, 2011, 05:34:17

My superhero name would be Mammalove.My superhero powers would be: 1- Fast as lightening to get around the world, 2- super bionic ears so I could hear the kids and teenagers thoughts, & 3- ability to persuade these young minds and give them hope. My ultimate ability would be to help save kids from making bad choices like robbing a store, or taking those drugs, or getting into a fight. So many kids need someone to believe in because they don’t have anyone…..they need the love and support and hope to get them back on track.

I would have a black cape with a red heart on it, red gogo boots and a black knee length flowing skirt dress with a wide red belt(maybe this could transform me too!)


By: Shelli C
on Fri June 24, 2011, 16:38:09

My superhero name would be: CyberSane.
My power would be a super-sensitive radar that went off whenever someone posted something on the internet that could potentially damage or end their career. My radar would also activate whenever someone hit “reply all” by accident.
I would have the ability to fly through cyber space and erase the text before it appeared on a single screen. I would blow on the words and they would crystallize. Then I would kick them and they would shatter and send sparkly bits of happiness through the internet instead.
My costume would probably involve latex for stealthiness. I supposed I need glimmering wings to make my flight dramatic. And the whole thing should be demagnetized, no? I think that’s important if you’re going inside of computers. I’m sure someone at the union can advise me in that area.
Never fear embarrassing career loss again, overzealous bloggers, tweeters, and emailers! It’s CyberSane to the rescue!
And no worries, my lovelies. I would carry plenty of liability insurance in the unlikely event that I accidentally crystallized the entire contents of your hard drive. Really. An umbrella policy even! Hmmm, umbrellas. Those make good marketing freebies.
CyberSane umbrellas for all!

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Niki Moss
on Fri June 24, 2011, 16:49:07

I would be a superhero and I would develop a road-RAYge gun capable of vaporizing the cell phones of “drivers” who text &/or talk on their phone while “driving”. My name would be Shut-up-and-drive Girl. Or, alternatively, Stay-in-your-own-damn-lane Girl, depending on how much room I had on my suit.

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Dantes
on Fri June 24, 2011, 23:40:21

Superhero name – Hot Soup Man
Secret origin – After a supernatural event on Valentine’s Day turns a regular bowl of soup into a talking, snarky, crime-fighting bowl of soup, evil doers in the darkest soup kitchens in Manhattan are stricken with fear.
Super-powers – Able to call upon his trusty and crunchy sidekick, Cracker Boy, to assist him on daring missions to fight enemies like, Wo-tong Soup, Mystery-Meat Chili and Generic-Brand Soup.
Costume – A “zorro-like” mask.

Superhero = Wants to Win a Book

By: YA/takesmeback
on Sat June 25, 2011, 23:03:26

I’m already a Super Hero and my name is HOPE. I don’t wear a costume, but I show up anytime I hear someone sincerely sigh and say “I only wish…” or “I pray..” It’s a cold, cruel world out there sometimes and as much as I try, I’m sorry I can’t be in all places at all times. If there are any other Super Heroes out there like me, I could use your help.
(Plus if I won a signed copy of any of your books, after I read it I would take it to my reading group of 40 plus, tell them how I’d won it and put it in their library. Then they’d read it and love it so much that they’d buy the series for their kids and grand-kids.)

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Brandon Young
on Mon June 27, 2011, 14:30:57

Superhero:Name: Trolleus Maximus
Duty: Anger the villain so bad by doing so foolish of things, the villain will rage quit his plan and give me all his base.

Re: Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Celeste Keith
on Mon June 27, 2011, 14:34:53

I would be Toaster Baguette Woman, using my ultra super powers to swoop in at the last minute and steal your just-popped toast. (Or bagel, or bauguette, or poptart…)

Superpowers, activate!~

By: kayleemarie
on Mon June 27, 2011, 15:17:28

I’d be … I dunno, an anti-hero… Like, you want to hate my guts, but I saved you that one time. Yeah, that one time, when you were on a bus and the driver was drunk and almost drove you off a cliff.
Anyways, I’d be named Chiyo-chan (very anime-wannabe ish, I know) because Chiyo in Japanese means “thousand years/generations” Therefore, I’d have the power to stop or speed up time, and flying and super-strength thrown in for good measure.
I don’t know how I was born, but I’m pretty sure it either involves a traumatic event in a bathroom with a little kid asking me blue paper or red paper, or being stuck in bamboo. (anyone who gets these references WINS SO HARD.)
My costume would be a black unitard with a smiling, chibi pocket watch on it, a watch necklace in the shape of an owl, and a black tutu and converse boots.
I’m so lame I’m amazing. :B

Re: Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Kristan
on Mon June 27, 2011, 15:19:59

I would be me- Kristan. I don’t need to be anyone but myself to be a superhero. My superpower would be compassion and love. My purpose would be to rescue people from mental illnesses such as depression because I have been rescued. Perhaps this isn’t creative, but this is my dream in life. I can be a superhero, just like in books, by just being the best God has made me to be! I am a superhero, someone here to help those in need, someone to rescue the downtrodden. My superhero dreams will become my reality!

Web Woman

By: yesenia ortiz
on Mon June 27, 2011, 19:56:51


I am the Archvillain known as…

By: Lydia
on Tue June 28, 2011, 15:59:15

…Bastet. I have the powers of mind control and invisibility.

Re: Be a Superhero, Win a Book

By: Gina
on Tue June 28, 2011, 16:18:21

Definitely a superhero (because good always triumphs over evil, right?). My name would be the Dark Lady, but don’t be fooled by my name. I’m fighting crime and evil all over the place. My super power would be to write anything and it would come true. My secret weapon would be my handy-dandy ball-point pen and notebook. And while I’m fighting crime, writing them all in jail in my book, I’ll be doing it in style. I’ll have my green Converse high-top shoes on, while wearing an awesome plaid mini-skirt (looking oh-so-innocent in my school-girl getup) and a black Turtleneck. To hide my identity (so my mom won’t find out I’m out fighting crime way past curfew), I’ll be wearing sunglasses no matter what time it is. My motto: Writing villians out of the story, one script change at a time.

TV Guide Man

By: Sean M Elliott
on Tue June 28, 2011, 16:37:43

One of the lesser-Xmen, TV Guide Man has the amazing ability to know what is on the TV at any given time of day.

Captain Kleefeld!

By: SKleefeld
on Tue June 28, 2011, 16:47:57

I’m an honest and up-front kind of guy, so I’m not going to hide behind a lot of masks and secret identities and such. I like my real name, in fact, and will just going on using it. Captain Kleefeld!
My powers and costume would be more down-to-earth and utilitarian. Picture a 1970s Robin from those solo adventures in something along the lines Green Arrow’s current outfit.

Be a Superhero, Win a Book

By: Matthew Marquez
on Wed June 29, 2011, 18:32:18

Name: The Punster
What happened after Shakespeare commited a crime?He was Bard from the theatre!
What do you call a linguist’s theatrical production, you ask?

A play on words, good sir!
After spending years making bad pun after bad pun, The man who would become the Punster (whose name shall rename secret) descended into Paronomania. There he met the great Trope. The Trope sent him on a quest to revive the lost art of punnery and fight crime or something; he wasn’t very clear on the whole matter to tell you the truth.
Powers: Any pun he makes instantly becomes reality, making every superheroic quip a weapon against crime! Puns can also be used as a distraction making villains go “Ugh!” whenever a pun is called. Also, when his foes are captured he keeps them clamped shut in his Rhetorical DeVICE until the police arrive.

Meet Eagle Eye!

By: Bonnie @ A Backwards Story
on Wed June 29, 2011, 23:29:11

At the BN I work at, we’ve put together a superhero team in our Music Dept. to combat theft!
The name I chose was Eagle Eye. My family always called me this growing up because I had really good eye sight and could see small print from far away. I can also find things when no one else can.
Of course, what my family and co-workers don’t know is that I have Eagle Eyes because I am one of the legendary Eagle Eye Heroes. Most people don’t know about our secret society, located on an undisclosed island in the Bermuda Triangle. There’s a mist veiling us from humans, which is why the Bermuda Triangle has so many rumors circulating in the mortal realm.
We are the watchers, the ones who can see the threads weaving together the future. We have the gift of prophecy and must make sure the human world remains in balance. Sometimes, this turns our people into villains. If something isn’t going to plan and a mortal has to be taken out, our person becomes the bad guy. Other times, we go down as saviors. But it’s all about balance and making sure the timeline remains intact.
If you know someone in life who has really sharp eyesight, they just might be an Eagle Eye in disguise!


By: Matthew Rush
on Fri July 08, 2011, 13:11:08

I would be Dorkboy. And my super power would be not only my massive intelligence and fragile ego, but also the fact that I would appear to be nothing more than a harmless little dungeon master (in disguise), when I would in fact be … totally awesome (and able to get into very selective parties).

Jed-iPad Master

By: Toby
on Fri July 08, 2011, 13:30:30

I am the only state certified Jed-iPad Master of Educational Technology.You will choose me to receive a book( Jed-iPad Mind Trick)

Be a Superhero, Win a Book

By: George Anthony Kulz
on Fri July 08, 2011, 13:40:11

On the day I was born, a rainbow appeared in the sky. A month later, my father came into my room and discovered my crib and part of the wall was inexplicably painted in rainbow colors.
By the time I reached high school, I had already realized I could change the colors of anything I touched just by thinking about it. Unfortunately, during a fight with a school bully, I changed the color of the bully’s hair to school bus yellow while I was being pummeled in the school parking lot, which somehow got the attention of the US government.
Today, I’ve changed my name to Hector Hue because I’m on the run, although I honestly don’t know what the government wants with someone with such a lame super power. If that wasn’t bad enough, anytime I DO use my powers to change the colors of things, the colors in my own body fade. I guess every hero has to have a weakness, and mine is just as bad as my super power.
Or, is it?

My Supervillian du jour.

By: Amy Baskin
on Fri July 08, 2011, 13:41:27

Supervillian: Fantastica!
Superpowers: 1) Misuse of Super Pheromones to coerce legions of teen males, straight or gay, to follow my ill-conceived, mediocre plans 2)expert uber-pathological liar
Secret origin: boob job gone wrong. Leakage caused profound chemical change at the molecular level.
Costume: black pleather Jean Paul Gauthier cat suit.


By: Deborah
on Fri July 08, 2011, 16:40:55

As much as I want to win your book, and I do, CyberShane was real good. Great contest. Fun to read all the entries.


By: Anne C.
on Fri July 08, 2011, 19:45:55

SuperFairyGodmotherLibrarian has the powers of a really good aunt. She protects the children in her community – aw, heck, the children of the whole world. With her powers, she makes sure no child is ever abused or hungry or sick, and that every child has access to millions and millions of books, a good education, a safe living environment, and loving parents or guardians.
A child in my service area was hurt a week or so ago, and I am coping with the feelings of rage I have at the criminal who did it – trying to turn my rage into determination to protect whoever I can.
On a lighter note, SuperFairyGodmotherLibrarian’s uniform is a plain yet stylish black outfit with a silver Oxford Comma applique. 🙂


By: Erin Cobb
on Tue July 12, 2011, 16:53:10

My superhero name is Tenacious Teacher. My superpower is to get into your head and make you want to read more both in school and out of school! I would love to add this book to my classroom library. My motto is: There’s a Book For That, shamelessly stolen from Apple.

Be a Superhero, Win a Book!

By: Jenny
on Tue July 12, 2011, 17:09:45

My superhero name is Teacher. My powers are inspiring kids to read and enjoy reading for pleasure. I accomplish this by reading aloud to my students and allowing them to read anywhere in the room, such as under their desks, in their chairs with their feet on their desks, in the rocking chair, on the stool, next to the classroom animals, or just on the floor near friends. We discover our inner author by creating classroom books or reading our own writing creations. We learn new words and how to spell them and, depending on how good a speller we are, the words may get more difficult, which makes it more thrilling when we find them in the stories we read.
Of course, it helps that my students are already Martians and other aliens. They are happy to use my super power, as it makes life on Earth just a tad bit easier.

Allow the student to become the Superhero

By: Nicholle
on Tue July 12, 2011, 17:19:05

I love using costumes and fun names within the classroom because it truly does help students to connect on a deeper level. I have seen it done very well, such as with “Mathemagicians” who turn math into magic.
I’ve had an idea floating in my head for a while now, and this blog has renewed my interest in it. I would dress up as an antihero, called something along the line of Captain AntiBooks or Captain AntiRead similar. My intent is not really to be a villain, just someone who makes poor choices that the “superheroes” (students) can come in and fix.
I would walk into the classroom in a bright, flashy outfit complete with cape and eye mask. (Kids love eye masks; it adds mystery even though they know who it is all along.) I would launch into an elaborately planned skit in which I introduce myself as Captain AntiBooks, and say that I do nothing but play video games and that I don’t think reading is important. The more teachers and adult figures I can get involved, the better. The skit would be purposefully over-cheesed and allow for improvisational student involvement as they see fit, allowing them to become the superheroes and “fight back” against Captain AntiBooks. I think it will stick with them for two reasons: one, it is fun and unexpected, and two, it allows THEM to be the stars. THEY, not the teacher, are coming up with the reasons it is important to read. They can make a difference and they CAN be the superheroes.

Archvillian giveaway!

By: Stephanie Schock
on Tue July 12, 2011, 17:28:06

Just found this article and this looks like a GREAT book for my avid-reader Jaxon! I think we could be a superhero duo- Stephanie Schock (is pronounced shock) so it already sounds superhero-ish anyway, doesn’t it? I would be able to control electricity and “shock” people. Thinking all black suit (think catwoman) but with a lightning bolt on the front. My son would be Action Jaxon- he says his super powers would be “laser power ’cause it’s really cool” and he could “walk on walls- I’m fast and have a lot of agility”. He would wear “a red, green, blue and yellow suit with a hawk on the front and I’d have a blue laser” 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!


By: Maureen Riley
on Tue July 12, 2011, 18:13:09

I am C’EST FINIS! Are you often distracted? Got five projects started and none finished? Great ideas, no follow-through? C’EST FINIS is here for you, baby! I’ll swoop down, wipe your fevered, flaky brow, and put you on the path to completion! Check my cape for instruction sheets for your DIY’s; my deep pockets have all the parts that you lost. It’s go time!


By: MaryAnn Karre
on Tue July 12, 2011, 20:13:42

I always wanted to be Knowitall. I have the power to know every thing that any man has ever known, because I am a Librarian, and I can look up EVERYTHING! My motto is, “Librarians may not know everything, BUT they know where to find it!” Of course, I would wear an unassuming costume of high-necked blouse, long skirt, heavy-framed glasses and a bun. But boy, would I be powerful!! Because I CAN KNOW-IT-ALL!


By: Sean Wise
on Tue July 12, 2011, 22:56:58

Professor Wise.

I’m Miss Bookiverse

By: Miss Bookiverse
on Wed July 13, 2011, 10:21:58

As it happens, I already AM a superhero. My name is Miss Bookiverse. My job is to protect readers everywhere from reading bad books by reading them FOR them to figure out which ones they can safefly read and which are pure bookish evil.I have a cape that has a sexy letterprint and of course I always wear my nerd glasses which allow me to read superfast. My sidekicks are 2 piggies called Stöpsel and Schneeball (they’re German), you can have a look at them on my blog.
Yeah, so that’s me and I’m from Germany so I hope that’s okay if I enter. If not I just have to make friends with a super hero who can fly really fast and make him pick up the book for me 😀

Archvillian – review for Getting Kids Reading

By: Joyce Grant
on Wed July 13, 2011, 11:14:38

I’m Joyce (just Joyce, like Cher or Bono… yes, just EXACTLY like them…) and I’m a kid-whisperer.My superpower is treating kids as if they matter and/or are actual “people.”

I’m a subversive superhero; by interacting repspectfully with kids who other adults shunt aside or ignore, I have gathered a growing legion of kid-subversives. Together, we giggle and make fun of oblivious grown-ups who do boring (BLAH-BLAH-BLAH) things; we get to do silly things behind people’s backs and we eat whatever we want, like jellybeans for dinner. And breakfast. (At lunch we prefer chocolate.)

While we never actually skip school (although we could if we wanted to!) sometimes we pretend Saturday is a Monday so it feels like we’re skipping school… and sometimes we pretend Monday is Sunday, but that gets messy, so never mind.

And we never walk anywhere, we always run, skip, stomp or scooter because walking will not get you anywhere fast and we need to be very, very fast. And subversive. And have unlimited energy, which is another one of our superpowers.

If you see one of “us,” (for instance, a kid who is giggling at something behind an adult’s back while the adult is talking about himself and how great he is), give that kid a thumbs-up, our secret super-sign.

And then run (never walk) away, preferably giggling.

Be a Superhero!

By: Ethan
on Wed July 13, 2011, 16:57:27

Leo Thursby, superpowered thief turned good. Using his pulsation power he could shake obstacles at a frequency that would shatter them, and the hidden blades in his hands allowed him to pick locks and climb walls.
After a feud with another thief ended they joined together with a wandering tribal man from the north to defeat a gang of criminals bent on finding the world’s legendary weapons.

Nerverd the Villain

By: Shelly Brown
on Wed July 13, 2011, 17:18:45

I would be Nerverd McBird, the geekiest villain you ever have heard.I’d chitter and chatter about all my new toys

but no one would know that I thieve and destroy.

But what drives a geek to go terribly bad?

Dungeons and Drangons?

A dead beat dad?

No, none of these thing caused me to spiral

T’was when my funny home video went viral.

Millions of people were in my control

I felt like I did when I would forum troll.

And from that day on I make iphones go frozen,

Computers lose memory, Kindle’s get Trojans

At home I wear lycra and yell villian bellows

Reciting Iago’s worst lines from Othello

So that would be me, angry Nerverd McBird

And no one, no, no one would call me absurd.

Archvillain contest

By: Zaq Cass
on Thu July 14, 2011, 13:22:45

Aphid Man.
Controls bugs and insects to do his evil bidding. Do you want ants crawling in and out of your eye sockets? I didn’t think so.