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For rights information or to discuss projects, contact my agent.

For blurb requests, again: contact my agent.

For anything else, please use the form below. But it might be a good idea to check the FAQ first, especially if you have a question about creating comic books. There’s a lot of info on the FAQ, most of which answers the vast majority of questions I get through the contact form.

If you are contacting me about some kind of school project, READ THE FAQ! (In short: Don’t rely on me having the time to get back to you for your project.)

If you’d like me to visit your school or town (and if you’re not an adult), then you should get your favorite teacher or librarian or bookstore owner to use the contact form and ask about my tour schedule. I’m also available for Skype visits.

(Please note: Questions about writing may be reproduced — with your name and contact info removed — and used on the BLog.)

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