So, back when I blogged about my 2017, I mentioned a couple of mystery projects. The first one is a collaboration with my wife, Morgan Baden, about which I will have more to say at a later date.

Today, though, I am happy to pull back the curtain on the second mystery project:

Thanos cover

Yep, that’s Big Purple himself, Thanos. The Mad Titan. And yours truly has written (and is at this very moment playing hooky from revising) a novel about exactly how he got to the point that he could, y’know, credibly threaten to extinguish half the living souls in the universe.

It’s been a hell of a journey and it’s not over yet. I hope after y’all see Avengers: Infinity War next week that you’ll want to head into a bookstore in November and buy a copy of the book that builds on its mythology.

I’m sure there’ll be more to say in the next few months. But until then, enjoy that gorgeous cover!


  1. I’ve watched the Infinity War and I loved every minute of it, I am waiting for the second part of the movie now. What is your best guess at how they gonna bring back everyone that was lost during the first part? I think Dr. Strange with the time stone is the key.

  2. Super Izzy says:

    That is so awesome!!!!!!! The movie was soooooooo terrific!!!!!!!!

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